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Landlords and Tenants urged to impress mediation.

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Landlords and Tenants Association of Kenya (LATAK) Chairperson Joachim Ombui with his colleague and Tenant Christoper Mochumbe [Photo Brighton Makori]

Kisii 7 october 2020 ………….Landlords and Tenants Association of Kenya (LATAK) has called for mediation whenever there is disputes in rent arrears or other related matters between Tenants and landlords.

The Association’s Chairman Joachim Ombui said that they have received a lot of complains from both parties the matter which needs to be addressed amicably .

Mr Ombui added that the disputers which end up to forced evictions will not help noting that the same will result in unnecessary hatred among the two parties.

According to him there is need for need for mediation between landlords and their tenants in solving issues of rent arrears.

“We have been receiving complains between landlords and Tenants which has resulted to the lost of properties through auctioning, as the association we are always available for mediation to bring lasting solutions,” He said

Speaking to Gusii star at Nyagusu after the association visited Christopher Mochumbe Motonyi trader who complained that he lost property worth Sh 5 million when the auctioneers invaded his two shops over two-year rent arrears of Sh 104,000.

The association noted that they wanted to know the process and criteria used by the landlord who Motonyi accused that he was not severed with a notice as required.

Motonyi noted that he has been paying his landlord rent on a yearly basis saying that he would not see why arrears of such a small amount will result in him losing property worth millions and a vehicle.

He added that he used to get cash from his business to carter for his sick wife saying that he is now in a fix because he cannot afford medical care for her.

The Chairman said that they have since launched a Helpline for Complaints on Harassment and Evictions.

When contacted, the landlord for clarity he said that eviction came as a result of the court order and not his own decision to have the auctioneers.

The Association has now offered to pursue the matter in court to have the trader compensated for the loss he suffered.