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What the ministry should know before reopening schools .

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Hema Chitago Borabu students at a past function [photo Brighton Makori ]

 Kisii 7 Oct 2020 …………… As Schools in the country are set to reopen on October 12 for Grade 4, Class 8 and Form 4 students , there is still mixed reactions over the same as other stakeholders call the ministry to rethink about the reopening of school.

  Speaking to Gusii star Kisii county Education Board Chairperson  also  Director  Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology  has noted that there are many factors which should be taken into consideration before rushing to open schools.

 According to Professor Onderi   the country is not ready for the  reopening of the schools one of the factors being lack of enough facilities that are required in schools.

He added that despite   the flattening of Covid 19 graph  the facilities in the schools are yet to be able to take place  with the guidelines of health protocols put in place  by the ministry of health and world health organizations since the school have not improved infrastructures.

 ” we don’t have enough facilities in our schools, no extra  dormitories , dining room , classrooms  that are in place rather than  what the ministry put in place of making desks’

 ” I want to appreciate the ministry for the initiative   to have desks in our schools however   what about in Kisii where it rains anytime , it’s expected that the pupils can use the desks under the tree  but because of the change of the  weather  the desk will not be useful , but  if we had enough classrooms , laboratory , dining hall , library  students can use them without desks ” he added

 Professor noted that it  has become a challenge  to   the board of management  and the school administration  to have good structures in place for the reopening   for lacking funds . 

By the moment we have no funding to schools which can enable to have water running  in schools, have sanitizers  have thermoguns  with officers from the ministry  who can  be able to  access  the situation  of the pupils , teachers and workers   in the school n, its going to be serious problem to the BOM’ he said

Therefore i call upon the ministry of Education to send money to schools before reopening schools so that the BOM can be involved  in the preparations of the reopening of schools

 Onderi also added that opening of schools in October will imply  that the school calendar  for the entire country will be overhauled   which means that  the bill should be  passed through parliament to change the calendar.

Changing of the school calendar can  not  be easy  thing to do  because it must go  through parliament  requesting for changes  which will not be practical at the moment ” he added 
 He noted that changing of the calendar will affect the relationship of  Kenya with its neighboring countries who at the same time use the same calendar.

 Another  factor according to the Professor about the time yet to open the schools is that a term should have  13 to 14 weeks but if the schools reopens now the term will have less weeks affecting learning activities.

Also it has emerged that parents have already set their minds to January  where  most of them  get bonuses in November / December and do saving  for January .

” Most of the parents have  mind set that the school will open in January , Opening schools now it means  that  schools will be opened without parents paying fees who ost of them have been affected with  the pandemic” he said

 ” Opening  schools without school fees  payment will add more problems to school managements , following that there are some workers in schools who have not been paid since March and its ironic to tell them to come back to school; ” he added

This comes after a statement on Tuesday, Magoha said the schools will close on December 23, 2020, for a one week break.

This means that they will open schools on January 4, 2021, up to March 19, 2021

Magoha said that KCPE will start on March 22, 2021, and end on March 24, 2021.

KCSE exams will start on March 25, 2021, and end on April 16, 2021.

Marking of the KCSE exams will be for three weeks from April 19 to May 7, 2021.