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Momoima: Hustle and dynasty slogans will not help Kenya we need united Country.

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Kitutu chache Member of Parliament Richard Onyoka.[Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii 09 october 2020……..The notion of hustle and dynasty will not help Kenya to solve its challenges let us remain united and focus on how we will bring our country together Kitutu chache south Member of parliament has said.

Speaking on Friday at Igare during the burial of David Ong’esa the father to Journalist Denis Onsarigo , Onyoka said that they will disagree with principals with others put Kenya needs to remain together .

” Kenya will remain together, we want to disagrees on principals but don’t tell us that there is ‘wale na sisi’ Kenya hii hatuna wale na Sisi we are all together you have been in the government for 8 years with President Uhuru, doing bring trouble us we need to solve problems facing Kenyan not Hustle and dynasty slogans.

Deputy President William Ruto has been at the forefront of selling the notion that it is time for the son of a poor man to rise to power using the vote and not a name

The legislature also faulted Former Chief Justice willy Mutunga for saying that the leaders responsibility to allow the rights of others to be protected for whatever they by noting that those who have been given responsibility and expected to have higher characters are the ones who have messed up.

” I saw former chief justice Mutunga saying that its our responsibility is to make sure we allow the rights off other people to be protected on whatever they do , but i want to tell former chief justice , those people who have been given responsibility and whom we expect high character and higher behavior to know that those right they want we also want those rights ” says onyoka

At the same time he has called upon Gusii leaders who abuse Cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi to stop but insisted come together and work for the prosperity of the country.