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CS Fred Matiangi during fundraising at Sironga Church has asked elected leaders to respect national government officials and avoid humiliating and embarrassing them. []photo file

 By Douglas Ogari Mtetezi.

To conquer, confirm and conform with the words of former USA President Delano Roosevelt, “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” This can be the best explanation why Deputy President William Ruto is of late obsessed with the persona and character of Interior Security and National Government Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i. 

Its not by accident or by chance that the Deputy President has scheduled almost fourteen rallies within a period of one month in Kisii and Nyamira counties; all with one message, demeaning the son of the soil Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

The rallies, which have always been been charged with few local leaders with questionable characters have ended in disarray to the dismay of local wananchi who wonder why leaders would throw abuses to the hardworking Cabinet Secretary, the Magufuli of Kenya?

Both at Nyanchwa SDA women fundraising, at South Mugirango Bodaboda fundraising, at Kisii town capital area address, at South Mugirango Member of Parliament Hon. Sylvanus Osoro’s home and at (Kabiero) Dr. Fred Matiang’is area of emanation, just to mention but a few, the message in these rallies is the same; tainting Dr. Fred Matiang’i’s name in the pretext of empowering youths and women.

Questions arise why Dr. Ruto started the fights immediately after Matiang’i’s elevation as Chairman of National Government Development Coordination and Communication committee (NGDCC). There is more than the eye can see.

Don’t forget it was in Kisii that the first instance of stage managing chaos was experienced in the ugly Tangatanga tricks of seeking relevance through juvenile attempts. Ask yourself why these theatrics should only happen in Kisii, the home of Dr. Fred Matiang’i? Despite the persuasion and pressure, CS Matiang’i has not responded even a word nor gave any reaction to the Ruto fracas in his own home county. This instantly killed the plan that was hatched to trap and blame Dr. Matiang’i of the same chaos.

Deputy President William Ruto no longer attacks Raila Odinga but Dr. Fred Matiang’i. Its long time since we heard, “Mzee wa Kitendawili” term. In his public rallies, the pace setters who are strategically and technically coached on what to say before the Deputy President speaks are told to abuse Fred Matiang’i in a bid to cut his wings and spoil his hard earned name because he is a cut above the rest and a step ahead of the pack in pushing the big four agenda and President Uhuru’s legacy.

Seems he has seen Mzee Raila is too way above his league or perhaps he has sensed Dr. Matiang’i is the preferred heir of the throne.

Deputy President has been opposed to projects within the docket of Cabinet Secretary Interior and National government coordination Dr. Fred Matiang’i. We have seen four of the Deputy President’s rallies talk about Huduma Number, a government function which falls under the latter’s jurisdiction.

At Kajiado, for instance, all speakers starting from Nominated Senator Milicent Omanga, Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany, Kikuyu parliamentarian  Kimani Ichungwa and Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Onesimus Kipchumba  Murkomen opposed the Huduma Namba National Government Project while hitting directly at Dr. Matiang’i.

A mere political observer would think it’s just a normal barking of Tangatanga clowns but a clear strategist would tell it’s a strategically placed abuse directed to Mr. Fix It.

While tagging his Principal Secretary Eng. Dr. Karanja Kibicho, the allies of the Deputy President have been keen to strive to abuse Dr. Matiang’i in the eyes of Kenyan leaning in the principle of giving the dog a bad name as the first step of killing it.

Today was the culmination of setting the record straight of what the agenda of the Deputy President William Ruto is in Gusii. At Kebirigo, speaker after speaker accused and abused the person of the Interior Security CS Dr. Matiang’i. From Sylvanus Osoro to Shadrack Mose and Joash Nyamoko, from Vincent Kemosi to Abaga Sagero, all said nothing but throwing abusive words to the Interior Cabinet Secretary; till one asks, is this the empowerment of youths and women that the Deputy President is really championing for? Or is he hiding in fake empowerment to abuse and demean the head of state’s most trusted state officers.

At one point the speakers turned to swahili to capture the national attention and prove to Dr. Ruto that they have accomplished the mission of demeaning Dr. Fred Matiang’i. Must our leaders thrive on hate speech and personal defamation to champion their agenda?

In worst cases, the Deputy President William Ruto has taken head on Dr. Fred Matiang’i by either demeaning him or saying utterances to imply that the hardworking Matiang’i has replaced him in his role. Few months ago, Dr. Ruto described Dr. Matiang’i as a person with arrogance and pride. This was in response to Dr. Matiang’i’s speech at Kirinyaga during a fundraiser hosted by Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho.

Just recently at Kenol, while visiting Murang’a county, Dr. Ruto took the opportunity to directly tell Dr. Matiang’i that he should respect him, while jokingly insinuating that he is the one that gave him the job.

The worst scenario being in Kisii when DP Ruto asked any state officer interested in presidency (implying Dr. Matiang’i) to resign and compete with him. This defies the logic why Ruto is so bitter with Matiang’i’s candidacy which is people driven with the latter still holding his horses and keeping wananchi guessing. 

With four cancelled rallies in Kisii County and three cancelled meetings in Nyamira County between Thursday and Friday this week, the deputy President William Ruto is a man on a mission in Gusii nation being the ‘political bedroom’ of Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Holding fourteen rallies between a period of one month in one region is not normal. Of course I have not mentioned the local leaders and wananchi delegation from Kisii and Nyamira counties that the Deputy President has personally invited and met in his Karen and Sugoi residence to purportedly weaken Matiang’i’s base.

The Deputy President has even gone further to meet various target groups i.e. religious leaders, women leaders, youths et al from both counties to try and tame the Interior Security and National Government Coordination Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i but the Gusii mountains are still cold and it’s raining as normal, the women are busy giving birth as they wait for ‘Mr. Fix It’ to fulfill the dreams of Omogusii that was forsaken by former Kenyatta senior’s close buddies James Ayienda Nyamweya and Lawrence George Sagini.