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Its a privilege to host Mashujaa day, says Okeng’o Nyambane.

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Okeng'o Nyambane [] Photo Courtesy

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii county 16 October 2020………….A youthful Senatorial candidate from Kisii county has called upon youths to welcome leaders with dignity as as the county hosts the 11th Mashujaa day on 20th October the function which will be held at Gusii stadium ..

Okeng’o Nyambane who was speaking to Gusii star said that its a privilege for the county to host such big event which need to be honored .

As Okengo Nyambane I want to take this opportunity to thank the President and welcome him to Kisii county ,its a privilege for our county to being an opportunity to host this years Mashujaa Day , this is an indication that we are also respected, let us maintain the respect until the end ” he said

Okengo also noted that people should shun from Politics during the celebrations as away of giving honor to Mashujaas who tireless fought for freedom we are enjoying today.

He at the same time remembered Mashujaas by naming Hellen Obiri who has made the community proud more so in sports, the later George Anyona among others.

To the youths he called them to know that its time for change, and that change comes from the youths.

” I want to urge my fellow youths to support each other, come out in large numbers , this is the time for the youths so that we can have generational change, policies have changed and its only the youth who can understand the polices which have changed . this can help i]us to transform our counties ” He said