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covid containment protocols to be followed during Mashujaa celebrations Say Commissioner.

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Nyanza Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika during Media breakfast. [Phot0 Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 19 0ct 2020………….Following the Covid 19 pandemic Mashujaa day  will be  held in strict compliance to the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 containment protocols as the country remains vigilant against the disease .

Addressing the media on Monday Nyanza regional commissioner Magu Mutindika said that the disease has greatly ravaged the global community leaving a trail of death and loss of incomes as economies experienced lockdowns that left a huge populace vulnerable but all is not lost.

The future for our country looks bright, adding that  it is encouraging to note that the Government’s COVID-19 containment measures are bearing fruits and we need to uphold them until the curve is completely flattened. 

The commissioner also added that the  event confirms our Nation’s economic resilience even as we remain vigilant against the disease and grow the economy as guided by this year’s Mashujaa Day theme: Nchi Yangu, Wajibu Wangu Mimi ni Shujaa (My Country, My Duty, I am a Hero).

As we take stock of this year’s National Mashujaa Day celebrations, it is important to reflect on the challenges that went and still goes against our heroes and heroine’s aspirations taking into account the theme’s emphasis on our obligation to secure the nation as present day heroes”he said 

Mr Muga noted that  the Government  shall do  everything possible to prevent any form of violence as we approach the  election year as the political temperatures continue to rise as we approach the 5th General Election. 

According to the regional Commissioner Nyanza is among the Regions that usually experience violence during electioneering periods but  its glad that  leaders are this time round keen on ensuring that peace prevails as they embraced one another in the spirit of nationhood and in pursuit of National Unity. 

we need to maintain peace and unity since it was  the dream of our forefathers who gave their lives to gain us freedom from our brutal colonisers; Let us live the dream” he noted 

It is my appeal to you all my countrymen to maintain the prevailing peace throughout the year and even coming moments of electioneering as this reflects on the vision of our nation founders in their struggle for independence” he added

At the same time he warned stock thieves in  Nyanza Region and beyond  along the Kisumu/Nandi and Kisumu/Kericho boundaries that they will never be tolerated, adding that the Government   continues to closely monitor the menace and bid to recover all illegal firearms that are usually used in the cattle thefts in order to ensure that peace prevails and people co-exist harmoniously in this cosmopolitan region.

 He added that the region is among the areas in kenya which had  been empowered economically  this as a result  of the Airport expansion and revitalization of the Kisumu Port, which is a Vision 2030 Flagship Project. 
The Rehabilitation of the Port is almost complete and due for the launch by His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta. The revitalization works are vigorously ongoing with a related market complex, Uhuru Business park also initiated by President Kenyatta to take care of hawkers, having been relocated from the Kenya Railways area and the first phase almost complete. 

 The commissioner has therefore welcomed  President Uhuru to Kisii County, the land of Matoke and Soapstone whose residents are largely the Abagusii Community. Scenic hills with lush vegetation and enviable tree cover are the most notable features of Gusiiland. Afternoon showers are the order of the day and are responsible for the vibrant agricultural activities.
About Kisii
The county enjoys favorable climatic conditions that favor agriculture, a sector that employs over 80% of the county’s population. It is mainly practiced in small scale. Matoke is the staple food alongside millet and cassava Ugali served with Chinsaga (spider plant) and Managu.

The county exports Matoke and its products within and outside the country. Arabica coffee also grown in Kisii County is among the best in the world and is mainly blended with other coffee varieties from the rest of the world. It has an attractive scent and a lingering taste. 

Tea is a key cash grown in Kisii and that is why we have several tea factories within the county. It has offered so many job opportunities to the locals and even the rest of the country. The hard working women in Kisii are seen every morning with their tea picking baskets going to the tea buying Centres. 

Perhaps, one cannot narrate the Kisii narrative without citing soapstone, also known as the white gold, a rare rock that has been mined at Tabaka area since 1800s. Carvings from Kisii are sold both locally and internationally. The dancing birds sculpture at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and United Nations Headquarters in New York are outstanding examples of this fete.

Additionally, the county has an abundant supply of sugarcane, pineapples, guavas, oranges and avocados. Although the County is well endowed with avocado it is underutilized due to post harvest losses. Owing to regular downpour, there is potential for dairy and horticultural farming. Evidently our Mama Mbogas thrive in this sector.Ladies and gentlemen;

Following this the residents  have been urged to reverse the current trend where the  Region continues to be a net food importer from the neighboring Counties of Western and the Rift Valley. Improved crop varieties coupled with enhanced uptake of modern farming methods and techniques can ultimately help to narrow the food production deficit. This requires concerted efforts by both National Government Agencies and the County Administrations. 

The Meeting was also attended by Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna who urged the Media to continue informing and advising the public about Covid 19 pandemic.

” Its worrying that People are not taking health protocols serious. its our responsibility to take personal responsibility Covid Is real ” He said