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Everything is set says Kibicho .

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Ps Kibicho during a press briefing on Mondaya ahaed of Tomorrows even[photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 19 october 20202………..Mashujaa preparations are now complete, waiting for tomorrow’s celebration at Gusii stadium.

Speaking at Gusii stadium PS interior Karanja kibicho says everything is set for the 57th Mashujaa celebrations.

“we are here with the national celebrations committee to check the level of preparedness  and this is the last time to check the level of preparedness, since this morning we are here to check all activities are in order, “said kibicho.

The PS noted the security committee in Nyanza has gone round to  counter check the security preparedness,  traffic order and all activities to run successfully.

We are satisfied with all the activities, with the national celebration committee we are ensuring that the county commissioner’s residence which will serve as the mini state lodge ensures things are in order.

He said this Mashujaa celebration will not be conducted like the previous ones ,we expect fewer people than normal due to social distance whereby only invites will attend.

The PS added: At the golf club, 8,000  people will grace the celebrations from there and also there will be  mounted screens  within Kisii town .
There will be security screening by 6:00AM and All the attendants are expected to be seated by 9:00AM and by one the celebrations will end

“Since President Kenyatta announced rotational of state functions We have been to Nakuru, Machakos Nyeri ,Mombasa,Naraok,Kakamega ,Meru  and we will continue going round to boost the level of stadiums in the country, “said Kibicho
The PS encouraged the residents to make the best out of this great day and make the economy of Kisii vibrant.