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Promote and nurture talents this covid period Leaders told.

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Teams receiving Balls from a lobby group initiated by Okengo Nyambane in aid of nurturing tallent [Photo courtesy ]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 19 Oct 2020 …………. Youths have been asked to identify and use their talents well instead of engaging in unlawful activities especially this Covid 19 times.

Speaking at Getembe Primary when they donated balls to four teams, the youth volunteer initiative who are being sponsored by a legal practitioner and a business man Okengo  Nyambane said they promote and nurture talents for young men and women to achieve their dreams.

Through the initiative of Mr Okengo, about 50 teams within Kisii County have benefited by receiving balls and uniforms. 

Calleb Angwenyi said the initiative is based on supporting and promoting talents in the community.

We are out here to engage in youth football activities and by doing so; we will stop them from being idle and start thinking of drug abuse and unlawful businesses, “said Angwenyi. 

Angwenyi noted they have plans to start a bigger tournament in two weeks time which will involve two teams one from Kisii and another from Nyamira county. 

“We urge those teams who have not registered with FKF to do so for them to be allowed to play.

He said retested teams will compete from ward to constituency and the winning teams will play in the finals.

Osiemo Miruka team manager said besides politics, leaders should promote talents and help the youth achieve their dreams. 

Gilbert Obengo a player, eluded Mr Okengo for the initiative of supporting talents and asked other leaders to follow suit. 

Thought activities we get busy and concentrate but when idle we fall into temptations that spoil our future, we thank the organizers for the good initiative and we realize they have us at heart.