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Senate Committee adjourn hearing over suspicious documents presented to them.

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Nyamira County Secretary James Ntabo (left blue suits) presents a 80 million dummy cheque to farmers in July this year. 10 million can't be accounted for according to Senate committee. [photo file]

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira 19 october 2020 ……….The Senate committee on Justice ,Legal affairs and human rights was Monday forced to cut short its hearing in Nyamira town after it emerged that documents presented before them could not be verified. 

The committee which is chaired by Nyamira’s Senator Okong’o Omogeni took to task the County director for agriculture and extension services David Munyi, to explain to them how Ksh.10 million grant from World bank was utilized for the benefit of farmers. 

Mr. Munyi could not tell how the 10 million shillings I’m question was spent as he had represented unreliable supporting documents to the Senate prompting the adjournment.

For instance, receipts and other documents presented to the committee had loopholes ranging from lack of dates, identification numbers of the beneficiaries and unauthenticated farmers attendance list, venues and dates of the purported trainings. 

” We are saddened that the officer (Munyi) who is heading the NARIGP project in Nyamira  County is unable to explain how the money in question was utilized when he’s supposed to have the answers asked by the Senate at the fingertips,  clearly he was not aware of what is going on in his own office”, lamented Okong’o.

” We have been forced to adjourn the hearing until the County presents fresh reliable documents to the Senate showing how the money in question was spent and whether the intended purpose was achieved before continuing with the hearing”, he added.

The grant was pumped to Nyamira County and other selected counties through the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) which could see over 200 farmers’ groups benefit from the over 100 million shillings.

Already 105 million has been released from World Bank, this year alone.
Omogeni said that the move to bring the sittings to the County headquarters was to cut cost incurred by petitioners to the Capital Nairobi and bring the services closer to the citizens.

The petitioners Lamech Mayaka, Sam Kabora, Vitalis Ongoro and Ronald Ombori had petitioned Governor John Nyagarama over the expenditure of the World Bank grant through NARIGP which they alleged had been misused and stolen.

They also claimed that Nyagarama had denied their right of 30% tender award to youths and employments which they claimed have been given to his relatives and cronies.

They however vowed to continue putting Nyagarama’s government on ties until the right thing is done.

We have confidence in the committee and all our grievances will be addressed accordingly. 

We won’t tire until Governor Nyagarama does the right thing, according to the law”, said Vitalis Ongoro.