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Support churches for a unified Country, says Okengo

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Okeng'o Nyambane [] Photo Courtesy

By Brighton Makorii

Young Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane has called for financial aid towards the construction of churches and other places of whorship.
According to Okengo, Churches play a critical role in uniting the Country, bringing about peace and maintaining hope.
Speaking at Nyamiobo SDA Church in Kisii on Saturday, Okengo said leaders have an obligation to support the church as a way of instilling hope among Kenyans.
“There are several development projects we can support as leaders, but the Church remains key in holding firm our social fabric. Our Country  is largely Christian.”
There are several churches in the larger Kisii County that have had their infrastructure stalled due to lack of funds.
On youth empowerment, Okengo said the Country is gearing for a generational change. “Am taking the lead in ensuring that we have the youth take up leadership positions in our County.”
“Our community has always voted the old into power, their is no evil of having the youth lead . Those that have elected youthful leaders have had an opportunity to inject fresh ideas into the development agenda.”
Okengo also called for nurturing of young talents saying he will continue to sponsor various football teams across the Country.