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CS Matiang’i’s clansmen come out for his defense.

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By Dan Nyamanga.

Kisii 02 November 2020…….…. A section of South Mugirango residents led by elders have condemned and called upon those who have been insulting Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i to stop or else face the consequences in the next general election.

According to the residents and elders who were hosted by Eng. Marube for thanks giving ceremony for his late father Mr. Samuel Marube Ombogo , they accused the area member of Parliament Sylivuns Osoro for his continuity insult and demeaning the CS in severally political rallies across the country .

They have challenged Osoro to respect the CS by stopping his abusive language and insults .

” We are calling upon those people whoever has been insulting the cabinet Secretary to stop ,let them show respect to leaders , by doing so it will give our community Respect” they said adding that demeaning and insulting of the Kenya’s super CS by their own MPs portrayed a bad picture to the country and the Gusii community at large.

Joash Ondora one of the members in the group , gave the M.P an ultimatum to come out in public and apologize to CS Matiang’i and the Gusii community at large failure to which, he will be disowned as one of their son and leader.

“We humbly urge the M.P to come out and apologize to the Gusii community and the CS himself before the elders declare him an outcast”, said Ondora noting that the CS has been doing well in all Ministries he has served a positive impact to the community

Ondoro added CS Matiang’i has been useful to the community more so Developments in the region which has been influenced by him.

We have seen what our son (CS Matiangi) has brought to the Kisii community since he was appointed to the government. Recently, Gusii had an opportunity to host national public holiday celebrations, We all know of what economical importance this event brought to our Gusii, This could have not happened if we did not have our representative who is close to power..

We also saw President Kenyatta open a branch of the Central Bank of Kenya during the three day tour to the Gusii region, this means our region has been recognized economically and all this is happening courtesy of CS Matiang’i who Osoro and other misguided leaders are insulting”, added Ondora.

Eng. Vincent Marube said that an insult to Dr. Matiang’i is an insult to appointing authority whose is none then President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Therefore he asked those with personal issues with the Cs to register their displeasure to the President but to they should bear in mind that the President his focused in his big Four agenda and unifyinh Kenyans

I want to ask Osoro to give the CS Interior humble time as he is busy implementing the President’s key agenda. He wants to do politics with a civil servant who is not a politician, he should redirect his energies to politicians if that’s all what we sent him to parliament to do and not delivering in South Mugirango.

He (Osoro) should focus on working for his constituents to improve on his scored card and not shouting in political rallies across the country”, said Marube.

Osoro who is in Dp Ruto’s camp has seen the Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i as the only impediment in Ruto’s quest to presidency in 2022 having been given roles which should have been undertaken by the DP.