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Don’t use Health Protocols to pass BBI without Involving other Kenyans Leaders told.

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Samuel Omwando has called leaders not to use health protocols to pass the BBI report without involving other Kenyans. Photo brighton Makori

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii 06 November 2020……………. Former Kisii Municipal Mayor Samuel Kenani Omwando has called all Kenyans to be aware of leaders who want to use Health protocols set to curb Covid 19 Pandemic as a tool of passing Proposed building Bridges initiative report .

According to Omwando who has been involved in leadership and making comments on topical issues , the county needs to focus on the fight against Covid 19 as President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on his recently nation address about the rise of Covid 19 cases.

Mr Omwando who was speaking to Gusii star at his home on Thursday noted that after the the President address about health protocols which will both affect the BBI process but as usual there are some Mischievous leaders and politicians who wants to use the opportunity to skew BBI process without necessary getting other Kenyans’ views.

Its clear that all Kenyans heard the President saying that Covid 19 cases are on arise and there is need of health protocols strictly followed, which in my view will also affect the BBI process , but there are some politicians who wants to use the opportunity to pass the report, I call upon all Kenyans to be vigilant and realize that its the law which can be use for all of us, hence there is need for flee flow of Ideas from all both sides ” He said

Omwando also noted that the country is facing health challenges which first needs to be address before even going for BBI, accussding the some leaders who holds Government Position who wants to force Kenyans to force Kenyans to sing one tune.

When we are saying that we should be given good fair airtime about the report and health protocols comes in , we should say that BBI be put in a stop until its the right time for Kenyans to have free fair discussion about Constitutional amendments process” He added

Let first have health Nation where we shall hold meetings freely , where we will do everything freely and talk freely ,there is no reason of deadlines when we are facing hard times due to Covid Pandemic, if its true about the cases all other business should stop “

About proposed meeting to be held in town hall , omwando says that the holding capacity of such halls is a denial of views from other Kenyans .

He added that he has already read the document which proposes that the executive will have an upper hand of choosing other officials in other arms of Government likes of judiciary.

According to him if the Executive is given a mandate of choosing officials to the Judiciary it means that the arm will not have freedom of executing its duties.

Omwando has accused leaders who have been saying that they will lead in collecting signatures in other regions without necessarily involving other regions.

You can not saying that you can collect signatures from one region and use them to pass BBI . let them know that Kenya is a freedom country where all Kenyans needs to be given equal opportunity”he noted