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BBI is meant for prosperity of the country says MP.

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Nyaribari Chache member of Parliament Richard Tongi .[By Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii 08 November 2020……………Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament Richard Tongi has called Kenyans to take time and read the BBI report adding that the report has good ideals for the prosperity of the country.

According to the Mp BBI is meant to improve the standards of the country from where its to a better future.

Tongi noted that there is no document which will be perfect, since no one si perfect , only that it needs understanding that it has got many goodies for the better future of the country .

I know that we are in the moment of BBI ,others are doing reference what is on it , there is argument of what is there for us, but we need to understand that its has good for us.

Tongi who was speaking on Sunday at Anglican church of Kenya Kisii Diocese during the launch of a book [Surprised by God ] by Bishop John Omangi, called upon residents to take time to read the document and get an opportunity to tell others what the report is all about.

He added that the country cannot be united if there is no a platform of bringing all Kenyans Together , even the church cannot have the platform to pray if the country is not united.

We have heard what the church have said about the report and what they have advised to be done, we are all open to new idea which can lead to have amicable document which will lead us to prosperity , which can make the generations to come,”Said Tongi