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Elders tell Kisii Governor James Ongwae to back his Deputy for Governorship

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Bomachoge elder Albert Ombaso speaks to journalists at the home of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi on Sunday November 8th, 2020. The elders have prodded County Governor James Ongwae to support his Deputy's quest to succeed him (photo by our correspondent ]


  • Elders say the deal for governor to support his Deputy was cast on iron and stone.
  • Say deal should be implemented irrespective of political differences between the duo.
  • Said Maangi has what it takes to lead the County and Ongwae should endorse him.

-Calls on CD Matiangi to be honest if he has any political ambitions.

Kisii 09 November 2020 ………Elders from Bomachoge in Kisii County now want Governor James Ongwae to back their son-Joash Maangi – for governorship.

They said the deal to support his Deputy’s political quest was long jointly agreed between them during a past meeting and no side should pull away.

The elders said whether there now exists bad blood between them was immaterial adding all they expect is nothing but a return of good gesture from the County boss.

“Ongwae stood here with other other political leaders from ODM and made that solemn promise that once his term is over he will ensure his Deputy gets the seat . This is the deal we want him to honour,” said James Ong’eta, group leader.

The former Concillor was accompanied by more 300 elders from Bomachoge Borabu and Bomachoge Chache constituencies.

Maangi hails from the latter.

Ongeta, in a statement said as residents from the larger Bomachoge area they had supported Ongwae when he went to them seeking votes for his second term and it was now time he supported their son.

The elders said they find it strange that one side (Ongwae) was now pulling away from the deal with no guarantee that they will secure his support.

We marshaled votes for him (Ongwae) in thousands after he had agreed to do so, we find it strange that he wants to turn his back on us when we need him most,” stated Ongeta.

The relationship between the duo appear to had gone sour after each of them took a different political path.

The elders however said this was immaterial all they want was the Governor to realize he has a debt to pay.

That was a deal cast on iron and stone, let nobody use a simple pretext as that to pull away from it, “stated Ongera.

Mr Maangi had parted ways with his boss during the new year even after he criticized him for” lack of zeal to stem graft at the devolved unit”.

He also insinuated that some political leaders from the region were hiding under the cloak of Interior CS Fred Matiangi to shield them from justice.

Ongwae is pro Matiangi and has since dismissed the accusations by his Deputy who he said was on an ego trip.

The County boss said his support for Matiangi had everything to do with his potential to lift the community ‘s banner for presidency and nothing else.

“As the Kisii nation I strongly believe that we have come of age to carry the mantle of the country’s leadership and this will be realized under Matiangi . We refuse to be topups during polls,” said Ongwae during a recent press conference.

The CS himself has not made his political ambition known.

For months now he has had to deal with criticism especially from Tangatanga stalwarts from the region.

South Mugirango MP Sylivanus Osoro has variously described the CS as high handed and trying to lord it over the community yet he has no political

Hours to Mashujaa Day Celebrations which held in Kisii the CS is said to had ordered for the arrest of several pro – Tangatanga supporters for planning to cause chaos.

A security officer attached to Deputy Governor Joash Maangi has since been interdicted alongside an assistant chief for ‘branding Pro Ruto T Shirts.

Mr Maangi on Friday accused the government of an attempt to portray pro Tangatanga supporters as unlawful so that they can use the pretext to persecute them.

He is currently striped of his security detail in what he said was because he supports DP William Ruto and his hustler movement.

During his visit to the region, President Uhuru Kenyatta said he was pained by the lack of respect from a section of the region’s politicians for Matiangi.

Currently Matiang’i carries with him pockets of MP’s when he visits Kisii.

In Nyamira only one of the four MP’s side with him.

During his visit to the region Deputy President William Ruto told Matiangi to stop ‘chest thumbing and using the police to frustrate him’.

On Sunday the dozens of elders who met at the Deputy Governor ‘s home in Ogembo told Matiang’i to respect other leaders if he wants respect too.

Elder Albert Ombaso asked him to reinstate the DG’ s security detail first.

We are living in dangerous times, the security of our leaders is not a negotiable matter. Let the Interior CS Fred Matiangi reinstate his security otherwise we will blame him for anything untoward that may happen to him,” they said.

They said Maangi was too a performer and should be respected.

His current political stand aside, the Deputy Governor comes forth as very progressive and dynamic unlike other contestants that have joined the race,” said the elders.

They told Ongwae to let go off the venom that had separated them.

” Maangi is free to join any political wing he wishes, this does not have any connection with performance as our leader stated elder Ombaso.

He said as elders they have no problem their son backing Ruto.

“Ruto is welcome to Kisii anytime, we have no problem with him being the friend to our son. Every kenyans is within his democratic right to back any political ideology so long as it will bring the Country good,” he stated.

They told him to be brave in the face of the tribulations he is going through currently.

” He is our son, stand strong, be steadfast in hope things will be better, “said elder.

They told the CS Matiang’i that they will also support him if he has any poltical aspirations.

We have nothing against him, the point is let him tell us if he wants any political seat, we can support him too, for now let him reinstate Maangi’s security detail,” he said

Mr Maangi would be fighting it out with MP’s Ezekiel Machogu (Nyaribari Masaba), Richard Onyonka (Kitutu Chache South) and Simba Arati (Dagoreti South).

Others include County Woman Rep Janet Ongera and USA based scholar Charles Matoke.

Two former South Mugirango MP’s Manson Nyamweya and Omingo have also announced their candidature for Governorship.

Dagoreti MP Simba Arati is already on with the plan to built more than 200 houses for the poor across the region as he ratchets up his campaigns for the seat.

A Bishop, Dr Josiah Onyancha has also announced his candidatute.

He is promising sweeping reforms at the County.

He will be campaigning on a bodaboda or his saloon car as he describes himself as a Hustler.

In Ogembo, the Bomachoge elders however told other contestants to ‘kill their appetites’ for Governorship adding that it was now their turn.