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From right to left: Jeniffer Nyareso, Esther Nyaboke and Jason Onkoba.

By Stephen Maranga.

Global pandemic can be said to have played a major role in streaming the move to a digitally operated world. The fast- tracked change where continuous skills develop has shifted from a nice to have to crucial for survival and relevance in the life.

The pandemic not only changing the digital skill culture but the traditional cultural practice were also in a mess.

The “World wind” of China as termed by the presidential candidates of USA
Donald Trump, that more people need to learn new skills to adequately fulfill the gap in between the analogue and the digitally skilled.

Formerly people who had been attending African traditional burials were put at bay with the pandemic. The burial ceremony people would bring bodies from different mortuaries from different parts of the country and stay overnight before burial with no hitches. These were brought to holt by the pandemic where the health protocols never accused for more than 15 family people initially unto now only 200.

In the olden times, corpses were buried immediately after death before the rest of the people gathered to mourn together. Incase the dead occurred at night, the family members preserved the corpses naturally by spreading ash, Cyprus or banana leaves ( depending on their availability) on the floor waiting for dawn for burial before herds were released for grazing. Any member who died during late hours of the day: 6AM to 3PM was to be buried immediately unlike those who died during the night hours.

Jennifer Nyareso and her elder sister Esther Nyaboke; all over 100 years old said they have never known such like a disease like COVID-19 before. Their relatives died of COVID-19 and corpses were brought and buried the same day.

The analogue team has started to empower their children to digital transformation in cultivating an ongoing culture of skilling the youths.
Most of the journalists are not properly skilled on ICT.

The Kenya corresponding Association has partnered with ICT wizards like Ephraim Muchemi and Richard Limo to train and have long committed to closing the skills and opportunity gap,assisting everyone, particularly those unreached or displaced by technology to acquire skills, knowledge and opportunity to succeed in the digital era through their able chairmanship William Oloo Janak.

Most veterans of the media Industry would file their stories through Telephone booth in a reverse call where I was among the many.

Kenya corresponding Association is cultivating a culture skilling implying
continuously keeping our pulse on a dynamic environment to ensure we not only make long-term investments, nurture strategic partnerships and provide access to resources and connectivity, but also keep an acute awareness on innovation at grass root levels.

KCA, forwarding digital transformation without providing access to the necessary technologies and resources could be futile. This made Janak look, sources and partnered with well-wishers to have grants to equip and facilitate to do stories with this in mind and in response to economic crisis caused by the COVID-19, the KCA leadership announced a new formula skilled initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to journalists nationally in participation on zoom meetings.

Maranga; an Alumni of Nyambaria Boys High School and organizing secretary participated in school meeting through zoom. Some of our colleagues have been bolted out of the work, KCA, expanded access to digital skills an important step in accelerating our keep on going, in the economic recovery, especially for the journalists hardest hit below the belt without making noise but members of the KCA and only paid up members annually.

Initially when the Government announced the pandemic people though it was outside world but it turned to be an inside and we were all attacked if not in effected if not infected through our job in covering the stories.
Usually in our culture the corpse rests in the home or homestead before burial which has never been witnessed before most were accusing the health personnel to have exaggerated on all burials but the constant announcement of the increased figures on the deeds and victims slowed down with the help of the media industry.

The media always aware of what to write for consumers, the desired impact, we cannot act alone. Identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships with bodies and organizations has played a crucial role in scaling our efforts and tapping into a tailored needs, where ordinarily would not be possible.

The pandemic has brought a culture of skilling and created a long-term
constituency to upscale in up skilling the youths with ICT, and ICT-enabled

From queuing on telephone boot to having a cellphone meeting whenever one is situated and the Covid-19 talked daily effects evolution of skilled culture have been seen heard and recorded.