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Lets campaign and shun From FGM Okeng’o urges leaders/Community.

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By Brighton Makori.

Kisii county Senatorial Candidate Okeng’o Nyambane has called upon stakeholders to campaign against female genital Mutilation FGM as we are approaching to Christmas Festivals and as students have been out for long due to Covid 19 pandemic which forced the shut of schools.

Speaking to Gusii star Mr Okeng’o noted that the traditional practices such as FGM has been harmful and it continues to define the lives of girls child in Gusii community.

” The FGM practice for many years it has affected the social economic, many health psychological impacts, it’s time as leaders we continue the campaign against the practice, let our people know that it has no any value anymore” stated Okeng’o.

The youngest and visionary senatorial candidate who hails From Kitutu chache south Kisii county noted that December holiday is on the corner when we have so many activities taking place including ceremonies where people take advantage of conducting such practices although some girls might have gone through the same after being out from school following the closer of school due to Covid 19.

During December holiday its believed that the practice is mainly takes place, parents planning to transport their girls upcountry to go for the cut,but let us come out and sensitize people the bad effects of FGM they are posing to our girls” says Okengo

The leaders at this time of corona must not only give information on corona but also do more on what the girl child must be undergoing moreover on FGM and at least shape the knowledge over what might be taking place in personal clinics”, stated Stated Okeng’o noting that parents must also not let mutilators invade their homes on wrong reasons.

At the same time he has hailed the government, NGOs, the church and political leaders not forgetting individuals who have mooted many campaigns to help in ending this harmful practices.

Recent phenomenon which was conducted in our community by the Kenya demographic health statistic in 2020 shows despite the rapid urbanization of the whole Kisii, this does not influence decline of FGM like other urbanizing communities.

Many of our people are highly educated and live in urban areas but despite with such development indices very low decline FGM preferences.

“Yes we have quality health care,so many private hospitals around however it has come to our attention that health care workers are carrying out FGM practices in such hospital, indicating that the practice now has moved to private clinics and within house estates, ” Noted Okengo

We warn those carrying out such practices that we have the law and legal framework that will deal with you and Parents should take great care for their children especially the girl child ” he added .

Kisii has been named the second in the girls circumcision method besides Somalia which according to the recent released data are seen as ruthless as far as to causing deaths and other serious complications, the girls’ activist called upon those who are still embracing the foregone traditions to rethink their habit.

Separately Joel Machuka a coordinator of International solidarity foundation of Muungano gender forum has urged the provincial administrators not to lying low issues that are bad in the society by instituting kangaroo courts in solving serious matters mostly on women at this corona pandemic.

Joel Machuka a coordinator of International solidarity foundation of Muungano gender forum [photo Brighton Makori]

It has come to our realization that there exists  kangaroo courts which some local leaders use to solve defilement cases, female genital mutilation cases that are done till now”, said Machuka who warned that the society in heading to a wrong direction if the embracement of the fact of leaving the bad vice.

Machuka also added that there is arise of gender based violence in the homes by calling that let the families have good coexistence , have good alternative of communication within the family and have solutions which will get us out of violence.

He also called upon parents to Keep watching their childtren more so during this time they are at home since its has emerged that children have engaged themselves in activities which will ruin their character .

“Parents let us monitor our children for going and coming in so that we can full have fully generation with good morals” he added