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Set Proper measures to help People from COVID 19 trap Leaders told.

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a class in session [photo courtesy ]

Gusii 14 November 2020……………….Elected leaders across the country has been challenged to roll out the program on how to provide masks and other materials needed in the fight against Covid 19 to schools.

Speaking to Gusii Star Victor Ogeto Swanya from Kitutu Masaba said it is the responsibilities of all stakeholders to come in board and help students to have masks after realizing that many families cannot provide masks to their children.

According to Swanya some leaders just assume that every family has a capacity of providing a student with masks which averagely costs 50 shilling without knowing that some families are in needy of that 50 shillings to buy food for the family.

‘When the president was giving an address to the nation he gave instructions that money given to constituencies through CDF should priorities Infrastructure in schools as one way of preventing Covid 19 in schools , but my request is that let the students be provided with necessities like masks ,if the ministry of Education has failed to provide as early said, so i think the offices of members of parliament should first priorities giving out masks.

To the county Government Mr Swanya said that they should roll out a program of identifying less fortunate in society and provide them with masks as a way of helping residents from this pandemic .

“Why is that the Government can not roll out the program of identifying the less fortunate in the society and help them with the materials, out leaders have responsibility of taking steps of helping people,” stated Swanya adding that they have obligations to make sure that right steps are taken including education

The only way of countering this pandemic is through wearing masks, sanitizing, keeping social distance not shutting economy because it has been realized that the diseases will be with us for a long time” he added

Mr swanya called upon residents to continue following health protocols and once one feels unwell should visit the nearest hospital because the rate at which people are dying after complaining for few days is worrying .