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Plans already at advanced stages to kick out the speaker Says Kisii MCAs

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Kisii county assembly David Kombo sharing a word with finance minister Moses Onderi [Photo BrightonMakori ]

By Brighton Makori.

A section of Kisii county Assembly had already crafted the bill to kick out the Speaker David Kombo for claims of abuse of Office .

Being the second attempt for the speaker to test the litmus, on Monday the MCAs who spoke to Gusii start said that its the time to kick the speaker out claiming that the speaker has not been forwarding to the insurance money which was meant to cater for the welfare .

According to them led at least Sh 4,000 is set aside for each member as group cover for benevolent related issues which often caters for  emergencies like death as they stated after suspecting that there is possible fraud in the system used in to fund the scheme.

They also suspect the executive’s hand in the constant delays in the releasing of the  money for the same accusing the speaker for failing in his duties.

Led by Benson Ntabo Mca Gesusu ward noted that they are to Kick out the Speaker as they demand to be shown the paper trails of  the money since they have credible information that   the money has never been channeled to  the respective insurance as required yet allocations are done in each fiscal year. 

However Speaker Kombo noted that the Assembly was walking through lean financial times, up to the extent they are forced to borrow adding that they only receive money for salaries.

On Friday the Ward Reps caused a stir at the the colleague’s burial in Kiamokama after they vehemently demanded that the Speaker steps down ahead of the impeachment proceedings.

The Ward Reps especially want to know where the funds they had been setting aside for function for the last three years go to.

This comes after the MCAs were forced to fund raise to give Kiamokama MCA Kennedy Mainya a decent send off after he died last week of covid-19 related symptoms

Each Ward Rep, said Ntabo, paid  Sh 5000 to help defray the deceased Ward Rep’s funeral and burial costs the fact he said that if it had the insurance scheme payments done they could not had forced the members to fundraise.