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Safety manual for kids launched in Kenya

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An online safety manual that guide kids when using the internet has been launched in the country by Terre des Hommes Netherlands in Kenya.

The manual which has support from the Ministry of Education will ensure children develop in a safe environment with online safety.

Kenya has embraced online learning since the Covid-19 pandemic was announced in the country leading to clossure of schools.

The internet and mobile penetration getting into the hearts of children has exposed them to online sexual exploitation.

Africa Head of Region, Rapheal Kariuki says the safe online project will respond to online child sexual exploitation in three main hubs namely; Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

“The manuals will be used to create awareness among children, parents and caregivers to be able to identify, respond and prevent online abuse and exploitation as part of its Safe Online Project implemented in Kenya. The main components of the project include awareness creation, psychosocial support, capacity building and access to justice for the victims of online sexual abuse and exploitation,” he said.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands will also partner with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to deliver the project.

Mr. Samuel Munyuwing from African Institute of Children Safety (AICS)  has said atleast 400 schools have access to the manuals.

Through the manuals, parents and caregivers across the country will need to have an urgent sensitisation on how to monitor and supervise online activities undertaken by their children.