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There is need for audit of Covid 19 Funds set to Kisii county Says Maangi .

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Kisii county deputy Governor Joash Maangi addresing the press on Thursaday at his residential home [Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 26 November 2020..……….Kisii county residents has been informed that they have aright to know how public funds is being spent by the County Government Of Kisii .

Addressing the press on Thursday at his residential home, Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi noted that its the responsibly of every Kisii resident to ask what the county Government has done with the funds it has been receiving from National Government mores funds which was given in aid of combating Covid 19 in counties.

According to the county deputy boss its time the truth should be told on what was bought using the funds even by doing a physical checkup .

Mr Maangi now says that its time for auditors to come to Kisii County and get a report on how the COVID 19 funds dispatched from National Government to combat the virus was utulized adding that it’s upon leaders to be entrusted with public funds to exhibit accountability.

“Time has come when we need to speak the truth by standing firm on how the money we received from national Government was spent and it’s a right for residents to know how the money was spent, not only Covid 19 but all the funds the county has been receiving from treasury , ” said Dg Maangi

“Can we do an audit to know our the money was used, what did we buy if we bought beds can it be confirmed by numbers that was bought from point A, and procurement entity was entity A and here they are, its every right for every individual in Kisii county to ask that question and get answers, and I believe we are getting the answers sooner than later” stated Maangi.

He added that its the responsibility as the Government to be accountable and also to be transparent and if they bought the equipment’s through the funds they should be able to demonstrate what was bought.

This comes as the Kisii members Assembly are on the process of impeaching the Speaker , the matter DG has distanced himself by only saying that, it’s MCAs constitutional mandate to put them on check.

Instead he has advised them that once they finish their internal welfare business to only embark to oversight role and put the government on check more so on how the Covid 19 funds was spent.