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We have realized BBI document is very flexible anybody can change it says Politician.

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Samuel Kenani Omwando , during the Deputy President William Ruto's Kisii tour [Photo Brighton Makori ]

Kisii 26 November 2020……..Leaders from across the political divide have expressed mixed reaction over the Building Bridges Initiative [BBI ]report following the launch signatures collection .

According to the leaders who spoke to Gusii star, they said that its wrong to rush the report to Kenyans when the country is facing many urgent issues including Covid 19, loss of jobs , insecurity and many others.

Former Kisii Municipal Mayor Samuel Omwando has expressed his feeling that its not the right time for the country to go for the exercise especially this time of Covid 19 pandemic.

Mr Omwando who was speaking to Gusii star on Thursday said that before all is done there is room for changes in the document after it as been realized that some changes has already been made.

According to him its just ironical when some leaders previously vowed not to change even a dot in the report but following hot debate from Kenyans there is some changes that have been done a clear indications that all is possible for change.

” Someone with noble hand in the BBI report whom is well known without even mentioning his Name , told Kenyans that nothing was going to be changed in the report even a dot , but today as I speak there is many changes as been done,meaning there is room for more changes “said Omwando

“I want to tell Kenyans that the document has been changed severally times they have dropped 70 additional member of parliament and many others but they have not removed the appointment of Prime minister by the president, we are just waiting for that removal ” he added

The former mayor insists that the document is very flexible anybody can change it because it appears that it is being changed time by time and whoever is changing it Kenyans needs to be told because there is lack of participation which is taking place.

Mr Omwando has called upon the President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to fully involve Legal experts , Constitutional experts to write the document which will accommodate all Kenyans and remove timelines .

Let Experts be given enough time to have say on the report , we don’t want timelines which commands what is supposed to be done , Kenyans should be given enough time to look at the document, we don’t want a document which belongs to two two individuals ” stated Omwando.

He added that the constitutional changes should be by the people and the people and anybody who is forcing Kenyans to accept the report is doing big mistake .

I call upon advocates to start going to courts to challenge the action as its popular put for sycophants of BBI, we need legal experts to advise us , we want legal mind to discuss the report and give the input not old people who only were used ” He said

Omwando is a support the Deputy President William Ruto has wished him well bu calling him to continue fighting for the hustle nation .

About reviving Post Election Violence cases Omwando says that its wrong for the independent body like the police to start the process now when we are approaching another general election questioning whose interests they want to serve.