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continue campaigning against gender based Violence in society stakeholders told .

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a section of participants durimg Muungano Gender Forum meeting, holding a candel to orange the world during 16 days of activism [ photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

Gusii 28 November 2020………….Residents and stakeholders have been challenged to continue campaigning against gender based Violence in the society more so during this Covid 19 period.

Addressing the Media Mungano Gender Forum under International solidarity Foundation advocacy officer Joel Machuka said that there is need of setting measures in aid of sensitizing people on how to end the vices in society more so as the world mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Machuka said that they have joined the world to campaign against gender violence more so in Gusii region which has been seen having more cases during this Covid 19 period.

” Here in Kisii we have been heard about gender based violence that are of different forms right from domestic violence in the family to physical violence, sociological , economical , sexually abuse where Female genital mutilation is so ramped, so all of us know that amidst Covid 19 we have been having such cases in the rise and we have come to set measures on how we can work together to eradicate the menace,” Said Machuka.

He added that they have started a campaign in the next 16 days where they will be able to use the Media , and other platforms to reach people in terms of sensitization of their rights and on how they can minimize and reduce cases of violence because people are suffering in silent not only Women but even Men.

We are encouraging our counties Government to create spaces where the victims can get help like in hospitals where they can get free services , we are also encouraging the police to avoid settling the matters in Kangaroo courts instead the police should arrest the culprits for justice to be prevailed stated Machuka