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Take up your Parental role, Gubernatorial aspirant urges parents .

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Photo.Walter Chanua speak at Mwancha SDA church yesterday. By Dan Nyamanga)

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira County’s 2022 gubernatorial seat hopeful and economist Walter Chanua Onkundi has called parents and guardians to ensure they keep a close eye on their children during this pandemic period when schools are closed.

This comes as children have been found on the wrong side of the law recently, raising concerns over the roles played by parents in raising them.

Speaking in Mwancha S.D.A Church in North Mugirango on Saturday ,  Chanua who was presiding over the church construction fundraiser,  challenged parents in the country to take time to be with their children, counsel them and guide them through life lessons as they remain out of school. 

Chanua at the same time asked parents to educate their children no matter how hard the economy is, for the better future of the country .

“We have seen in the recent past how parents have left their role of parenting, over 100 teenagers have been arrested in the last two weeks partying and doing the unthinkable across the country, this clearly
shows that as parents,we have abdicated our roles to our children and left them on their own.

Unless we rethink and keep a close watch on our children, we are losing it all.We are not building the future. Let’s go back to the old good times and ensure we bring an upright society from their tender age”, said Chanua.

“Education is the only thing that will unlock our opportunities, unless we take our children to school, we will be breeding a failed society and a Country as a whole”, added Chanua.

On Friday, 18 teenagers aged between 16-18 were arrested in Kahawa Sukari estate Ruiru,Kiambu County who were partying.Alcoholic beverages were recovered from the house.

On 23rd November,  another set of teenagers aged between 14 and 18 were arrested at an alcohol filled birthday party at a hotel in Bungoma.

On the previous day 22nd November, 41 year old Millicent Kithinjiri was arrested after sleuths found over 40 drunk teenagers in her house. Alcohol,bhang and used condoms were recover from Millicent’s house.