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We are supporting BBI says Ford Kenya party leader, urges kenyans to sign signatures.

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FORD KENYA party leader Moses wentangula with his deputy party leader Richard Momoima and other parparty delegates , they said they are supporting BBI for better Kenya.

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 29 November 2020………..FORD KENYA party leader Moses Wetangula  has said that his party is in fortline of ensuring that the process of Bringing  bridges initiative  goes on as planned  for the better future of our country .

Addressing  the press on Sunday at Kisii after having  party delegate meetings from Kisii and Nyamira counties they have agreed unanimously  that they are behind the reportWentagula who said that personally he has played a key role of ensuring  outstanding issues were captured in the report hence it’s time for all Kenyans to impress  it.

” The final draft now presents the aspirations of Kenyans , many contagious issues have been edited out many of the which was causing divisions have been removed and now we have a  document which will lead this country to a very successful  future , where  nobody  will impress it  and we will not have won take all while loses walk away angry “said Wetangula 

The party leader added that  elections needs to  unite  Kenyans , where hardworking people are respected rewarded and where young people ,people with disability are not only recognised but also respected and the women who forms 50%of the population  play their rightful role in leadership in the country. 

At the same time he has encouraged Kenyans to  continue spending   their signatures in the ongoing process which will final validated by IEBC.

“I call upon Kenyans to continue signing the signatures,  after which will  validated by IEBC and final we want to see the bill which will be presented to county  assemblies being well drafted and when it will be presented to two houses to get super support which will lead us to peaceful general election” he stated  

About party matters Wetangula who was with his deputy party leader also kitutu chache south Member of parliament Richard Momoima onyoka , they said they are organizing  for party delegate meeting  which will be held in Nairobi  where they will hold elections as the country will be preparing for next general election as from next year.

The  deputy  party leader Richard Momoima also lamented that they have agreed to support Party leaders Moses Wetangula.