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If elements in BBI are meant to unify Kenyans , its the way to go says ACK Bishops.

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Southern Nyanza Anglican Church of Kenya diocese bishop, Bishop Simon Edward Onyango and John Omangi, [PHOTO COURTESY ]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 30 November 2020……..…. As Kenyans are being urged to read the BBI report and others have already a pended their signatures,Two bishop of Anglican Church of Kenya ( ACK) have supported the Building Bridges Initiative ( BBI)  Report by saying that its biblical to build bridges.

Speaking to Gusii star at Gusii stadium during the ordination of five people- into Deaconates, they said that the Name suggestions its biblical since God recommends for Building of Bridges, adding that they will pick the good elements if they can strengthen the Constitution.

Southern Nyanza Anglican Church of Kenya diocese bishop, Bishop Simon Edward Onyango and John Omangi, , Kisii area bishopric said politicians like dividing Kenyans, saying the Report has good elements and should be supported to unite the country.

Edward said some political leaders are supporting the Report but their supporters are opposing it, stressing that it was causing confusion and unnecessary anxiety as Kenyans embarked on signing the document a head of the referendum.

The bishop noted Kenyans are not ready to go back to the 2007 and 2017 scenarios when the country was divided politically over polls, stressing it should be avoided in the 2022 elections.

They said the Anglican Church is on the side of building Bridges, peace and the unity of Kenyans and against leader’s hell bent to divide the country for selfish political interest.

Meanwhile the two bishops have implored governors in Nyanza region to utilize public funds properly to enhance development to benefit residents adding that the ACK church will have an anti-corruption forum on December 5 to assess the development in the region and stressed the church leaders will continue fighting graft in the area.

Bishop Omangi lauded Kisii county and the national governments for upgrading the Gusii stadium and challenged other county governments in the region to also upgrade stadiums to benefit residents.

“ In most cases have been known as a person who has been criticizing the county government of Kisii, but i will like to commend it for doing good work at the stadium. I urge the county government to build bridges with the ACK church” Bishop Omangi said.

He challenged leaders in Nyanza region to strive to embrace development and ensure they utilize and account for public funds.

The bishop said plans are underway for the church to create Upper Southern Nyanza diocese comprising Kisii and Nyamira to hive it from Southern Nyanza diocese- Homabay and Migori.

Among those who were ordained are Benson Ogoti, Vincent Mariaka, John Onyango, Kennedy Oriaro and Reuben Nyachiengi into Deaconates.