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Worrying spike in infections among the street children as Aids day is marked.

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Youths holding a banner during walk to mark World Aids Day.

By Osinde Leighton .

Kisii has a prevalence of 6.1 with females accounting for 6.3 of the disease burden wile Male have a prevalence rate of 3.5. as the world marked Aids day on Tuesday as Statistics from the Ministry of health says at least 39,049 of the adult population in the County suffering from the disease.

Seeds of Hope executive Ruth Manoti who organized a walk to commemorate the event spoke of a worrying spike in infections among the street children.

Therefore she has urged the youths to avoid indulging in promiscuity to stem the spiraling infections as stakeholders called to set up measures on how to curb the menace.

She has challenged all stakeholders to come in board in the war against the disease and ensure each person is safe including the homeless .

He said it was high time the society’s young espoused high moral ideals to stem transmission of sex related diseases amongst them.

The number of children suffering from the disease has since crossed the 2000 mark. 

At least 1066 were recorded in 2019 alone according to health executives. 
County HIV Coordinate Florence Ogaro said while there had been marked steps to scale back the disease infections, more is still needed from the stakeholders. 

She however said concerted efforts over the years have halved the disease prevalence rate to 5 percent from the 10 percent a decade ago. 

The  County has since upped HIV testing across all its health  centers. 
Ogaro spoke of declining funds directed towards the fight against the scourge in the face of Covid 19.