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Equity bank launches tree planting exercise aim to increase forest cover.

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Kisii equity branch manager Robinson Mireri watering atree ,looking is Kerina primary students during planting Exercise courtesy of Equity.

Kisii equity Branch Manager Robinson Mireri watering a tree, looking is Kerina Primary pupils during plant Exercise Courtesy of Equity Bank

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 11 December 2020………..As one way of promoting forest cover in the country, Equity bank Kisii branch has launches 23,000 tree planting exercise.

speaking at Kerina Primary school on Thursday when the launched the exercise, Equity branch Manager Robinson Mirieri said that they have started planting tress in the region .

He noted that the the environment and land has become a challenge hence thare is need of having alternative of planting indigenous trees to increase the 10% forest cover..

“Equity bank is committed to plant 35 million trees across the country aimed at driving sustainability and environmental conservation and management, ” said Manager

Mr mirieri said that planting of trees is important because it supports transition to clean energy that reduces on wood fuel, charcoal and fossil fuels like kerosene as a source of energy.

This has a direct impact on health outcomes through reduction in household air pollution, positive impact on the environment, reduction in carbon footprint and climate change mitigation,” he said.

Mr mirieri urged the community to plant trees as a way to purify the air and take care of them as a way of conserving the environment.

Equity bank has so far planted 1,350,000 million trees in this tree planting exercise .

we are also partnering with individual farmers who are supplying us with the seedlings to help plant more trees, we call upon farmers with seedlings to come on board ,be certified with Kenya forestry service for us to purchase those trees from them,” said Mirieri.

Forestry service officers in Kisii town said their aim is to plant indigenous trees especially in wetlands in an effort to promote soil conservation.

He noted the efforts are aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change and enhancing the forest cover.