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Desist from carrying passengers if not authorized Drivers warned .

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Police officers at Kegati Roadblock during crackdown [Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

It has been realized that most driver do not have driving license,and most Vehicles are not road worth as most of them lack insurance while others have no road licenses hence operating in illegal routes.

Addressing the Press on Wednesday at Kegati during the crackdown on road worthy vehicle, Team leader Ducan Ochiengi based at vigilance police headquarter said that since morning they have impounded almost 20 vehicles as they continue with Operations.

” Since the morning we have impounded almost 20 vehicles and we are still on with the exercise together with the National transport and safety authority officers, so we have checked many of them and we have realized that they have problems” He said

He also urged the Motorist to be very carefully more so during this festive season and those who are not authorized to carry passengers to desist or else face the law.

” We call upon anyone who is not authorized to carry passengers to desist , because if we come across such case we will deal with you according to the law, its so bad to carry passengers when you are not licensed or insured to do the same,” he cautioned.

It was also realized that Probox divers are very rough which is likely to endanger the life’s of other road users including their own lives , hence its important for those who are using the roads to take care for their safety.

National Transport and safety Authority NTSA Manager Kisii region Adhan Khuno also urged the the members of the public to take the safety of their lifes very seriously in-terms of what they bought especially this festivity seasons.

According to him they have taken a strategy and steps to ensure their is safety in roads more so during this seasons when it is believed that most lifes are lost.

” We are here today on agenda to make sure that our members of public who are traveling in highways are safe and they reach their destinations safe , we are checking on drivers compliance , inspection compliance and all parameters concerning the PSV vehicles and commercial vehicles , Private vehicles .” He said