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Nurture talents in the society leaders urged as Okeng’o Awards best teams in Kisii county.

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Teams that participated Okengo Nyambane's tournament.

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii county ……..………Okengo Nyambane tournament was concluded at Getenga primary in Motonto, bobasi constituency.

The tournament was well sponsored by Kisii county senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane who is lawyer cum politician

Belgium and covid 19 were merged to meet at the finals stage where the match ended with draw forcing them to go for penalties .

After Penalties Belgium scored 3-1 in to be crowned the best team.

Okengo awarded Belgium Ksh 30,000 with full uniform to players while the second team was awarded Ksh 15,000 and full uniform.

He challenged leaders to support and nurture talents in the society.
Youths have the opportunity to explore on such talents, which are well paying than white collar jobs.

As an initiative to motive young turkeys the politicians is set to award more teams in the county which participated in the tournament

He praised the players for well discipline they showed as he asked the youth to explore this talents,