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Nyamira CECMs,some staff in the office of governo sacked.

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By Dan Nyamanga. 

Nyamira 31 December 2020……l…lNyamira County Governor Amos Kimwomi Nyaribo on Thursday sent all the 10 County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) packing a day after his inauguration as the County’s second chief after the death of Governor John Nyagarama on 18th December 2020.

The 10, were issued with letters Wednesday instructing them to hand over their respective departments to the County Secretary  Mr. James Ntabo immediately.

This comes barely 48 hours after Amos Nyaribo took oath to succeed late Governor John Nyagarama who had died due to Covid 19 related complications at a Nairobi hospital on 18th December.Nyagarama was buried on 24th December at his Tente home in Nyamira within Township.

However, the action taken by Governor Nyaribo is provide in the constitution under Article 179 (7).
The article gives  him power to reorganize his administration. 
Articles 179 (7) states that ‘If a vacancy arises in the office of the County governor, the members of the county executive committee appointed under clause 179 2(b) cease to hold office’
Article 179 Clause (2) (b) states, The county executive committee consists of–
(a) the county governor and the deputy county governor;and(b) members appointed by the county governor, with the approval of the assembly, from among persons who are not members of the assembly.” 

Nyaribo took oath of office as Nyamira’s second Governor onn29th December 2020 in a ceremony attended by over 5,000 residents and all Nyamira elected leaders.
However political pundits say that most of them (CECs) may never make it back to Nyaribo’s administration due to what they termed as ‘trusting’ him as deputy to Nyagarama.