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We have to be creative and informative to accommodate the pupils says Director.

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Britom Academy Director, Beatrice Ayienda. The school has embraced tents to comply with the government's directive on social distancing. [photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 07 January 2020………..As one way of complying with the directive of social distancing to curb the spread of Covid 19 now proprietors of private schools have bought tents to act as temporary classrooms.

Britom Academy Director, Beatrice Ayienda said the school has bought two tents to complement permanent classrooms.

Speaking to the Gusii star early this week Director Beatrice said the school has stopped admitting new pupils, adding it lacks adequate facilities to accommodate them.

She said the school has more than three hundred pupils and has installed water points in the compound and sensitized the children to wash hands and wear masks to stop the spread of the disease.

“We have done a lot in our school by ensuring that no pupil is allowed into the school without a mask and when they come, they have to wash their hands and their temperatures measured before they are allowed into classrooms,” Beatrice said.

And, some parents and guardians, whose children were reporting yesterday said they were forced to buy uniforms and books at high prices due to the demand.

In another hand parents who spoke to the children had outgrown their uniforms and shoes for the ten months they have been at home after the outbreak of the pandemic, adding they were forced to buy new ones and give the old uniforms to children of neighbors.

Precious Hope Academy Director, Samwel Mirieri said the school’s facilities had been overstretched and had embraced tents as alternative classrooms.

“ Due to lack of enough funds to build new classrooms. So we have to be creative and informative to accommodate the pupils and comply with the Covid 19 protocols,” Mirieri said.