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KNC endorses a youthful candidate for Kiamokama ward seat.

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Kenya national congress Party leader handing over certificate to Mr. Ateng'a Dominic who the party has endorsed to vie for Kiamokama ward seat [photo courtesy ]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii 10 January 2021………The Kenya National Congress has endorsed Mr. Ateng’a Dominic’s bid to carry the party flag in the upcoming Kiamokama by -election.

According the statement from Party Leader Manson Oyongo Nyamweya he says that KNC party, believes in democracy and that people should be given their freedom to exercise their constitution given power to elect the candidate who can best represent them in the assembly.

He added that Mr Atenga being a youthful candidate and one eager to be part of new political dynamism sweeping the country, KNC believes he has what it takes to articulate issues facing the Kiamokama people in decision making organs.

Manson said it is encouraging to to see many youthful candidates who have entered the race despite the fact that the country is already struggling a serious economic meltdown brought by Covid-19 infections.

“We urge that candidates restrain themselves from organizing big crowds that may act as spreading ground for the disease, he said.

Each Kenyan, he said, has a role to play to ensure this disease does not spread in the villages and especially among the most vulnerable.

In situations like this, all the candidates have a role to play to ensure this disease does not spread among our people like wildfire,” said Oyongo .

He also urged the voters to be wary of candidates who may incite youth to cause violence.

“We don’t want to witness situations where youth, especially those rendered jobless by the pandemic, to be used to cause chaos,” stated the party leader on Sunday when he handed the certificate to the KNC candidate