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Ex-senator says MPs and Speaker behind woes facing nomination of Deputy Governor.

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North Mugirango Member of Parliament Joash Mugirango [ left] BEn Momanyi Borabu MP and Embakasi south MP Julius mawathe at Ikonge primary school playground

By Dan Nyamanga. 

Ex-Nyamira senator Kennedy Mong’are has come out guns blazing at the County Members of Parliament (M.Ps) he said are after ensuring that Governor Amos Kimwomi’s appointed Deputy Governor (DG) Dr.James Gesami doesn’t go through. 

Mong’are who spoke on a phone interview Sunday,noted that the legislatures whose identities he didn’t divulge to the media were determined to block Dr.James Gesami from ascending to the position DG over what he termed flimsy and unfounded accusations.
“I have reliable information that some three MPs in Nyamira county are working hard to ensure that Dr. Gesami doesn’t sail through to the helm of DG over some reckless accusations that he’s old and tired for the post.There is no law that bars him (Dr.Gesami) from taking office at his age.

They are not quoting any law in their arguments but rather after the 2022 politics”, he said.

He also said that the County Assembly’s speaker Moffat Teya could have excused himself from chairing the Appointments committee which was vetting Dr. Gesami as he (Teya) had intended to be nominated to the same post.

He said that Teya is likely to use the platform to ensure that Dr.Gesami is rejected and produce biased results on the vetting to settle scores.

“I also have issues with the County speaker’s ability to chair the appointments committee when he had intentions in the DG post.He could have excused himself from chairing the committee so as we can have a fair play.
There is clearly conflict of interest “, he added.

Mong’are ,an Advocate of the High court of Kenys, asked the Members of County Assembly to instead assist the newly installed Governor Amos Nyaribo,  who took over on 29th December 2020 after the death of John Nyagarama, complete the term smoothly.

This comes as Borabu M.P Ben Momanyi declared war on Nyaribo’s administration saying that he (Governor Nyaribo) had neglected the youth during his nomination of the cabinet. ” Its not a favour, a youth must be in that cabinet,there is no way only old men and women can be employed and Youths, who make the majority in the country are left out”, said Momanyi.

Momanyi also took issue with the selection of Dr. James Gesami who he said is old and tired and instead the position should have been given to a youth.

“When our governor (Nyagarama) died and there was a vacancy at the DG,we thought the new govenor could consider a youth to the position.
Instead Nyaribo has gone a head and nominated Dr. Gedami who is at 75 years, I wonder what kind of service the duo will offer at their age “, said Momanyi.

The M.P was in the company of North Mugirango’s Joash Nyamoko and Embakasi South’s Julias Mawathe in Ikonge Primary where they led Bunge FC soccer team in a friendly league with local teams yesterday.