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come up with measures to end violence in schools stakeholder told .

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National Parents Association ( NPA) Chairman, Nicholas Maiyo cuts a tape to open the Association's Kisii county regional

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii county …………………… National Parents Association officials have decried violence in schools and appealed to stakeholders to intervene and set measures which will end the vice, which has been seen being a security threat t in the Institutions.

 Addressing the media on Monday at Kisii county after the opening Kisii county chapter office led by national chairman, Nicholas Maiyo they said growing incidents of violence and deviance in schools  is worrying and its time for stakeholders   to come on board to set the measures which will bring the menace it to the end

Mr Maiyo he urged members of the public to discipline any child who misbehaved in the public as it was the case traditionally, stressing it will instill discipline in the community.

The chairperson also added that the association has done fact finding mission in the region and come to realize that there is many factors which has led to the problems including children being expsoed to drugs, sexual, substance abuse, forced marriage, child labor and were stressed after a 9-month Covid 19 interruption.

” Over the last Couple of days , we have visited some of the schools such as Kisii high school , we also visited affected children including a 14 year old pregnant child who is currently hospitalized and a 14 year old children who gave birth to a young one” noted Mr Mayio adding that Boys started to sell chinese bags in town at 10 /-

He said the children had extreme mood swings, lacked concentration, were disoriented and few learners from the middle class wanted day learning due to a comfortable environment and food at home.

“ However, not all this deviance is traceable only to the Covid 19 interruptions, some behavior is due to other preexisting character weakness and was exacerbated by the long break” Maiyo said

At the same time the official urged parents to solve their marital disputes maturely and soberly to avoid hatred, bitterness, violence, loneliness and tension at home.

He challenged parents to inculcate moral values  in the children,  teach them life skills and inspire them to resist peer pressure which will ruin their lives.

Maiyo appealed to parents to keep online content at minimum through vetting and regulating television and online content their children watch.

” let us be be vigilant and observe early warning signs on change of behavior in the children and protect  to help the children ” Maiyo told the press

To the learners he called them to foster good relationship with teachers and use their time in school prudently and focus on learning as their time is short with the help of their parents and teachers and also to identify good role model to emulate.

The chairman urged the Teachers Service Commission to train all teachers in professional counseling  and offer teachers psychosocial support to teachers to keep them emotionally stable.

He appealed to the government to increase the number of approved schools and ensure child/ baby friendly schools are available to enable young matters to continue with their education.

The chairman also called upon teachers to develop and implement ” Chatham house” proceedings of allow moments of social time during the school week to receive feedback or confession from learners, he also called them to be vigilant and observe early warning signs on change of behaviors among any learner and act as models to learners, also seek help when stressed.