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Nyachae will be remmember as unifying factor says Bosire

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the late Mzee simeon Nyachae

By osinde Leighton

As Kenyans  continue mourning  the death of  ex minister and Gusii spokesperson Simeon Nyachae  , Gusii council  of elders general secretary  has joined leaders and  Kenyans at large  to  send condolences to the entire family   and all Kenyans in general. 

According to Bosire, Nyachae  will be remembered for  what he did not only to abagusii community but in Kenya more so the ministries he served,

 Bosire also noted  that Nyachae like his father Musa Nyandusi   he was a sportsman,  a  good administrator, and Generous person. 

“The later nyachae can be remembered for many this including keeping time and appointments, he also paid fees to many people, “noted  Bosire adding that Nyachae participated fully in uniting the Omogusii more so when he won all gusii  parliamentary  seats through Ford people party.

The general secretary also added that the late was staright forward on issues which help the country to grow when he served as the minister .

 The later Nyachae will be laid to rest on Monday 15 at his home Nyosia .