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Enough is enough says Dg Maangi and osoro as they threaten to sue the state,

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Brighton makori

16 February 2021……………….Kisii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, South Mugirango member of parliament  Sylivuns osoro ,Former Kisii mayor Samwel omwando  have threatened to sue the state for being arrrested on Monday and released without any charges.

Addressing the media on Tuesday at south Mugirango the leaders casigated security for being misused by government to frustrate perceived key political allies of the DP. 

According to them they wondered how they were arrested ,intimidated  for allegedly thriyinf to cause chaos during the funeral services of the late former cabinet Minister Simeon  Nyachae, claims they disputed but targeted for supportimg Ruto

“We will not fear intimidations,enough is enough, we will keep supporting Dp Ruto because he has been supportive to the community,” said Dg

Slyvanus osoro recounted  how he was released from police custody at midnight and abandoned in a thicket saying such atrocities should never be witnessed in the country.

The leaders however maintained that they would not bow to intimidation by the police or the government

Dg added that the only mistake he did is to be popular and his support to deputy president whom he vowed to continue supporting.

The leaders also claimed that 25 buses transported people from Luo nyanza to attend the burialso that to clap for their leaders .

” if they ferried people from Luo nyanza to attend the burial and clap for them, we had also an equal opportunity to welcome The Deputy president as any other national leader “they added

They also said that they will not allow this political culture which has developed in the country that anyone associated with ruto his arrested.