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Kisii county joins others in passing BBI bill.

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Kisii county Governor Jmaes Ongwae with acting speaker Amos Onderi with other Mmembers of county assmebly addressing the media after they passed BBI bill. [ Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Leighton Osinde.

Kisii Members of  the County Assembly on Thursday joined other counties in passing and adopting  the Building Bridges Initiative ( BBI) Constitution Amendment Bill 2020 unanimously after the Members held public participation across the county’s nine sub counties.

Paul Angwenyi, Chairman delegated Legislation who tabled the Motion said the Committee realized there were misconceptions during the public hearings and it was necessary to sensitize the public more on the document.

“The County government was keen that the Members of the Assembly pass the document and join others which have passed it” said Angwenyi .

Speaker Amos Onderi lauded the Members of the Assembly for passing the Bill with sobriety despite wrong information fed to the public by critics of the document.

“ The MCAs will continue to sensitize members of the public  to dispel the misconceptions a head of the referendum” Onderi added

Ongwae said the passing of the Bill had vindicated former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga who embraced handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta in March 2018, which led to the nine- point BBI agenda.

The Governor commended the MCAs for passing the Bill adding the Draft document was launched and received in Kisii by President Kenyatta and Raila, adding the county will continue sensitizing locals on the document to understand and support it during the referendum.

“ The MCAs are brilliant and have made me proud. We are not going to listen to any innuendos and propaganda” Ongwae said, adding the County has joined other Kenyans in passing the Bill.

He said some of the MCAs will be in the cabinet just like in national parliament, noting the negative energy being witnessed in the counties will disappear.

Ogugu said the inclusion of members of parliament and MCAs in the cabinet will not burden the government as being propagated by anti- BBI proponents, noting more funds will also be channeled to the counties to boost their development.

“ I am one of the happiest person this morning for passing the BBI, which was launched and adopted in Kisii” Ogugu said.

He noted that counties are key in passing the BBI before it is taken to the national parliaments for debate and adoption before the referendum.

Janganya said the public had exercised their sovereign authority to amend the constitution and challenged those opposing the document to shun misleading members of the public for selfish political interest.

“ We have passed the Bill. It is now the onus of the national assembly to do the same. I hope more than 24 counties will pass the Bill” Janganya said.

Ombati said the document has win- win provisions especially on the two thirds gender rule which, she noted eluded the Assemblies since the promulgation of the 2010 constitution.

She said the proposals on strengthening policies on education,  health and the channeling of more funds to counties are good for the country’s development.