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Nyamira county joins other counties to pass the constitutional amendment bill 2020.

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Nyamira February 23, 2020 Nyamira county assembly on Tuesday debated and passed the constitutional amendment bill 2020 the session which was voted by 36 m4mbers of county assembly .

The procedural motion to  debate the constitutional amendment bill 2020 was moved by leader of majority and township ward MCA Duke Masira, and seconded by the assembly minority leader and Nyansiongo MCA Dennis Kebaso.

Kiabonyoru ward MCA Duke Omoti said there was no need to waste time since the residents of Nyamira county are waiting for the constitutional amendment bill to go through.

According to the resolutions by the assembly committee on Justice and legal affairs, more resources will be given to the county, revenue share from the National assembly will increase to 35 percent from 15 percent, additional of a new constituency among other benefits as proposed in the bill.

During the debate, Itibo ward MCA Samwel Nyanchama said the 35 percent, revenue increment and the ward development fund convinces the whole house to pass the bill for the benefit of the people of Nyamira county.

With the additional resources to the counties and the creation of ward development fund gives me hope to say a big yes to the bill,” he said.

Bomwagamo ward MCA Charles Barongo said there has been peace since the birth of the handshake and hence as a way of enjoying the peace that has come as a result of the handshake, the assembly needed to pass the bill without haste.

We have been having peace since the handshake deal came up.We no longer need to waste time but just pass the bill so that we can get more goodies and continue enjoying the peace that has been there since the handshake,” said Barongo.

Magombo ward MCA Richard Onyinkwa said the bill will get out some powers from the governor by Introducing ward development fund which will be full controlled by the member of the county assembly, for development.

Nominated MCA Fred Mosiori said youths will be in charge of their affairs since the  bill creates a youth commission that will be taking care of the youths and allow the youths to be in charge of their own affairs.

The time has come for the elderly, and those who have been in power for a long time have to go back and be taken care of as youths will take over the leadership of most affairs in the country,” Mosiori said.

Deputy speaker and Bonyamatuta  ward MCA Robinson Mocheche said the bill is the only one that brings goodies to the people of Nyamira county, saying with the introduction of ward development fund, the members will be directly accountable to the people of their respective wards over development.

After a long struggle for development with a few allocation of cash, we have every reason to support this bill that gives resources for development to our wards,” he said.

The MCA’s said the bill will enable development in the county with the resources that will be coming from the bill.

Kiabonyoru ward MCA Duke Omoti said, the bill will allow the contestants who end up being number to to have a place by nomination from their political parties unlike before when contestants who came second during elections were rendered useless.

“With this bill, the contestants in elections who come second will have a place in the political parties unlike when after elections, the second contestants had to beg for a position or nomination slot from their respective political parties,” Omoti said.

Nyamira governor Amos Nyaribo who was present  congratulated the members for passing the bill, adding that the counties will be more advanced in development due to the bill.

“We are now waiting for the goodies to the counties and I wish to call upon the MCA’s to support the national leadership as we proceed to the referendum,” Nyaribo said.