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Administration accused for failing to tackle the gambling menace in the area.

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By Gilbert Kobi

Residents of ichuni village, magena in kenyenya Sub County are up in arms for the failed provincial administration to tackle the gambling menace in the area.

Charged bodaboda riders from ichuni shopping centre raided shops which are operating those shops and confiscated the gambling Chinese machines.

Due to the failure of the law enforcers who reside in the area,magena police station, chiefs and their assistants being the cartels behind the ongoing illegal business the riders decided to take the machines directly to the Kisii county commissioners office.

Edwin ontita the chairman bodaboda operators in kenyenya Sub County blamed the police and provincial administrators for the youths who are idle and instead of making it hard to ban the gambling businesses they are embracing it.

“We have been confiscating these machines and destroying pools but after we take them to police the owner gets them back at night after parting with cash and therefore we are vindicated”, he posed adding that chiefs and their assistants are bribed with ksh.200 and enjoy the game going.

According due to covid-19 pandemic the young boys took the gambling so serious to studying because it’s a loss or get game in participation.

For instance Norah Elija 40, lost her son hezborn onkundi 20years on gambling letdown that led to him hanging himself.

Hezborn onkundi had received ksh.17000 as saving he had done in their bodaboda stage; he went playing gambling at magena shopping center.

The game went on as he was losing much money,on realization that the money had went completely a frustrated son went home stressed and in the morning 23rd December 2020 he hanged himself.

Early 2020 the government has criminalized any form of gambling through the internal security minister Dr.Fred Matiang’i.

Matiang’I termed illegal gambling businesses of any kind giving the Kenya police service and provincial administration to get hold of them and destroy all of them.

The shifted into action and the work was seen done only for the residents of kenyenya subcounty to realize that business was as usual and all Matiang’I gave his blessings to conduct the exercise just duped him.

Residents claim those machines,pool games are there mostly at known shopping centres like mogonga,magenche,magena and kiango and that are put back in operating shops.