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Is land becoming a big issue in Gusii land .

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By Gilbert Kobi

Alfred michira thought that investing at home could make it easier to cement their cordial relations only to turn out to be a thorn in the flesh with threats coming in calling.

He had been leased land from the people known to him for them to migrate to molo town only to resurface when their daughter died and trouble begun.

According to Michira he was leased the parcel of land by one Vincent Orindo Nyambane under title number 3155 where he resorted to huge plantation of trees and and Napier grass.

After the death of her daughter, Truphena Arasa Orindo came home from molo where they had been living seeking to bury her daughter but all was not well with Michira who then sort intervention for the funeral in October last year.

Sources seen by our reporter indicate that after the forceful burial and putting up a structure illegally it has been a running battle between Michira and Truphena with crude weapon threats done in broad daylight.

In a clip Truphena is seen confronting Mr.Michira with a panga where then turns to screaming that’s meant to create attention.

The farm attendants after resolving with the blessings of their boss they fenced in to do more farming to the farm.

In yet another clip the lady again comes out fire blazing and even to an extent of her getting naked for the workers shame, she then runs calling villagers to help him have her land.

Now the one leased the parcel Alfred Michira has reported the threatening to kill contrary to section223 [1] of penal code matter to keroka police station against Truphena Arasa.

He has launched an attack reference to senior public prosecutor Steven K.Cheboi; he has differed and seeking to review the charge of charging the suspect.

According to Michira ,Truphena  and the prosecutor’s argument that the suspect  had the crude weapon for self-defense is a total lie and that clips recorded tells it all.

He further states that over the disputed land ELC case No.21 of 2020 at keroka,he had taken a decree in the said case and order of stay that said was given by the said court and judgment delivered as Vincent Orindo Nyambane preferred an appeal against the said decree where the said court ordered status quo to remain.

On the ground the word is different Truphena and the whole village is being coerced, funded, incited to do what she is doing at the gain of another renowned businessman from gusii and one provincial administrator.

“They have done everything including giving Truphena money to harass me, doing all sorts of meetings in both keroka and kisii town”, posed Michira adding that there one area chief who had written a letter saying that Truphena’s husband had not been seen is now confirming his presence.