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Youth politicians have terribly failed, unfit to lead; Amenya

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(Photo; Gabriel Amenya.By Dan Nyamanga.

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira 1 March 2021…….According to a city businessman Gabriel Michira Amenya, majority of youths who have held political positions from 2013 have failed due to their insatiable appetite for money and giving legislation a blind eye.

While speaking in Nyamira on Sunday, Amenya noted that most of the youths seeking leadership are either financially broke and money oriented or job seekers, a trend which he said has been frustrating electorates for many years now.

He urged that in the coming 2022 general elections, voters need to choose financially stable leaders who will not be easily swayed through handouts and mislead their electorates for their “masters’ gain.

“We have had youths in various political positions since 2013, the first elections under the 2010 Kenyan Constitution, which is a good thing. But my worry is that most of them have not lived up to their manifestos, they have left behind a series of disappointments to the electorates and unfulfilled pledges.

This is because most of the youths have got the positions and using it for their own benefit to be financially stable. This has jeopardized legislation as they can easily be ‘bought’ to get quick riches in the expense of the voters”, said Amenya.

“I urge our people to consider financially stable leaders and if possible a person who has grown enough to be responsible to them when given the opportunity to lead them. Somebody above 50 years is the best bet because the youths have been tested and found not fit, at least for now”, added Amenya.

Amenya took a swipe at the Nyamira County assembly which has a number of youth Members of County Assembly (MCAs) for rejecting the nomination of ex-West Mugirango Member of Parliament (M.P) Dr. James Gesami as the deputy governor.

He wondered how they rejected the nomination of the renowned medic on grounds that he was ‘not qualified’ for the post (DG).

Our MCAs the other day confidently rejected the nomination of Dr. Gesami as the deputy for governor Amos Nyaribo, what criteria did they use to reject a medical doctor who has served in the field in senior positions for over 40 years? That ‘O’ level leavers can vet and reject a medical doctor is ridiculous!”, wondered Amenya.

He urged them (MCAs) to give the governor humble time and work together for the sake of the Nyamira people and allow whoever he chooses to be his deputy.

“A suitor chooses who he/she wants to marry. We as ‘relatives’ have no business with the choices than giving needed support to make the ‘marriage” successful”, urged Amenya.