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Council of elders / Church leaders come up with code of conduct to be adhered at funeral.

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Abagusii council of Elders Chairman Araka Matundura consulting with Councils General secretary Samuel Bosire .They Council has wraned politicians against using funerals as supremacy battle . [Photo Brighton Ragira]

By Brighton Makori.

Gusii 02 March 2011……………Following incidents which has been observed in Funerals more so when politicians take advantage of deaths to pursue their political agenda now Gusii Council of elders incorporation with church leaders has come up with code of conduct which should be strictly adhered to at funerals.

This comes after ugly incidents witnessed at burial ceremony during the burial of Kisii County deputy Governor’s Father Abel Gongera at tendere stadium in Bomachoge chache last Month where two legislatures engaged in a fight, in which the Code drafters said went against cultural norms and etiquette.

 Abagusii Culture and Development Council chairman James Matundura, ACK Southern  Nyanza Diocese, Bishop John Omangi and SDA ,South Kenya Conference Pastor James Miyienda urged their members,mourners  and funeral organizers to respect the code.

They cited  public condemnation and rejection as  sanctions to be  preferred  on violators of  the regulations  whose circular will be  distributed to various stakeholders including Interior ministry.

Matundura who read  part of the code’s  resolutions  said ferrying of youths by some politicians to funerals to  cheer them or cause  chaos,  had been  banned.

He added that During burial ceremonies the role of the church   is to conduct the event  and   provide spiritual comfort  to the bereaved family and that should be respected.

The  bereaved family will get time to speak between 9am and 11 am after which the church will take over concluding  the  ceremony  by 1pm.

 Mourners will confine their  short speeches to condoling  the bereaved family,singing or praying.

Political leaders  who  resorted  to selling their policies stood  restrained  from  doing  so and instead advised to look for other occasions other than the burial ceremonies.

Matundura said that it is unfortunate that some leaders wants to take advantage of deaths to pursue their political agenda. 

He noted that such leaders are not only selfish but also inconsiderate in nature. He asked the government to ensure that these leaders do not get platforms to speak in funerals at all.

“People attend funerals to comfort the bereaved and to pay their respects to the beloved one who has left this world. They do not attend funerals to witness name calling, campaigns and even microphone grabbing,” he noted

He also said that some of the leaders use funerals to abuse each other while in pursuit of their political interest. 

He reminded leaders to think about the pain of losing loved ones and not their desire for political power when attending burial ceremonies.