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14 years standard seven Pupils crying for justice after suspect elderly tractor driver impregnated her.

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The Home of the pupils who were impregnated by suspected Elderly tractor driver .

By Gusii star team.

NyamiraKenya 03March 2021…………… A standard seven Pupils from Bomorito Village , Charachani sub-location Keera Location west Mugirango constituency is crying   for justice after suspected elderly tractor driver cheated her and bolted after siring a baby  with her.

The veteran driver aged over 70 ,reportedly took advantage of the girl-child’s poor family background to entice  her  with some little money and impregnate her during covid19 period.

According to her father Johnson Nduko he used to send her daughter to the suspect’s place to deliver Nappier grass whose proceeds sustained the family not knowing that the suspect was hunting the little girl who Regular visits to the driver’s home led to  her  abuse resulting  into a pregnancy.

Speaking to Gusii star the mother said that her daughter confessed to them about the incident when they suspected that she was  expectant.

We started observing changes in our daughter, then we took a step to interrogate her , she opened up and told us what happened,” Said her Mother adding that they reported the mother at Embonga Police post in West Mugirango sub county.

shockingly according to them the police officer on duty  advised them  to report at the police station only when they spot the suspect on the road, an advisory they found baffling because he lived within the locality.

His action  flew  in the face of a government directive  stipulating that   those found to have sired children with learners   be identified and  held to account.

Parents of the learner,  heeded Ministry of Education’s  directive and  allowed  their daughter to continue with her education  when schools reopened in January this year as  the grandmother took care of the baby.

But owing  to  difficulties  the  parents  went through in caring for  the child,they petitioned the government to intervene.

 Everline Mwango, a good Samaritan who  visited the family with donations called for justice to be done to  young mother   by  holding the  driver responsible for the baby’s up- bringing.

Talking to our reporter through phone area Assistant Chief said that she is aware of the matter.

“Am aware of the matter but the complaints have not filed any case, when i was checking those pupils who have not gone back to school its when i discovered this case , i took them to Embonga Police post they were given an OB number and later the pupil was allowed to go back to school”she said through phone

She added that as soon as the complaints files the report and identified the suspect they are ready to arrest him.