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Kiamokama incidents is insufferable say leaders.

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KIsii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi with Former Kisii Mayor Samuel Omwando addressing the media [Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii county 05 March 2021……………...Kisii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and Former Kisii mayor has condemned the incidents which took place on Thursday during Kiamokama by election ,nothing that the election exercise was not fair and free as it had many intimidation , vote bribery and too much hooliganism .

According to the Deputy Governor what happened yesterday was uncalled for when the leaders were teargassed in the morning when the police thew teargas canisters to their Vehicles .

“its shocking of what happened yesterday when the Police officers threw teargas canisters to our vehicles , we are still wondering that if the teargas had to manage to enter inside today were were to talk about deaths “noted Dg adding that they saw goons armed with crude weapons while the police watching them and protecting them

Maangi questioned why the police had to arrest the UDA candidate and his supporters instead of arresting goons who had weapons .

If arresting the candidate and his supporters leaving out hooligans is not intimidation , so i don’t know what Intimidation is” posed Maangi

Therefore he has appealed to Kisii county resident to keep continue being peaceful and move on with life since election comes ones while the other one comes.

The UDA candidate Moses Nyakeramba was arrested from his home alongside Businessman Don Bosco Gichana , Mouren Obino and Dalfant Nyataige who were released unconditionally .

In his part Former Kisii Municipality Mayor Samuel Omwando he managed escape the wrath of the goons who stoned his Car .

According to Omwando the Kiamokama experience will teach them lesson after getting the person whom they may not wanted as their leaders.

We want to allow the pain in without taking an legal action,the pain is another experience which will train people properly to understand our the Kenyan government is operating now , as the Africans do now Kenya is joining the league of dictatorial tendency properly perpetrated to its citizens ” He said

He has also called upon the Government to change its tactics and give citizens to choose their leaders freely and since contribution to nation building.

He has called upon the government to stop politicking instead treat all Kenyans equally.

This comes as the country is preparing for general election.