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Profiling Kisii as Exam Cheating Hotspot will make student panic Says Bosire .

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students in Class [photo Brighton makori]

.profiling of Kisii as exam cheating areas will kill students Morale .

.The Community is always known for its hardworking even in the ministries it has served.

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii Kenya 11March 2021…………….Leaders from Gusii region have reacted with fury following the remarks made by the Education Cabinet secretary that Kisii county is among the regions intends to cheat in the forth coming National examination.

According to Gusii Council of elders General secretary Samuel Bosire Angwenyi , the community is well know for it’s hardworking and serving gently in positions they hold, a clear indication that even students can work hard resulting to better performance.

Speaking to Gusii star , Bosire wondered that if the Community been cheating in Examination for many years it means that they don’t deserve to have good school or else is someone who plans to spoil the community`s name which will Kill the students Morale .

I have heard that Kisii county is among the counties mentioned that it intends to cheat in the forth coming Examination, this means that there are some people who are profiling students that they cannot work hard and excell something which is not true” noted Bosire adding that the community has always worked hard without following any ‘Panya’ route the fact which has been shown by officials from the region who have worked in various government ministries

Bosire also questioned how can the officers from the region can be trusted in big offices but when it comes to Examination they are categorized that they cheat ,cautioning that this might be move in which people wants to diminish the good image shown by the officers from the region..

When I hear that Kisii county has been mentioned to be among the hotspots , it profiles that our children are not suppose to join good national schools because of being categorizing that they cheat in examinations, but this is not true because we have produced many Engineers , Doctors and even when are entrusted to be in charge of critical Ministries .

Therefore Mr Bosire has called the Government to do Investigations over the same and if there is one who intends to categorizes the community action should be to be taken .

Early this week Nyamira County Women representative Jerusha Momanyi also termed as caress and misleading the allegations made by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof George Magoha listing Kisii and neighboring counties as possible national examination cheating hotspots a head of its commencement next week

I want to tell the CS Education Prof. Magoha to stop profiling Kisiis as
examination cheats, I want to tell him that we are the brightest when it comes to hard work in studies. Our children have always scored their genuine results in the national examinations”

That’s why you will never miss our children appearing in the top positions nationally every year regardless of the region they learn from”, said Momanyi.