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Fight for your political space Women advised

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Rachel Otundo at her office [Photo Brighton makori ]

By Gilbert Kobi .

Kisii Kenya 25 March 2021……….Women fraternity has been urged to come out and fight it out with men in terms of politics.

Speaking in her office within Kisii Gusii governance watch secretary Rachel Otundo called up on women to flex their muscles in politics to blanket the notion of only men dominating the field.

She further asked the Bonchari constituents to vote for the late mp’s widow Teresia Bitutu not only because she is a woman but because the duration remaining is short but being a person having the knowledge of what his late husband planned to do.

“Am completely convinced that  widow will prevail well in Bonchari because electorates like her and they are determined to make sure that she wins the seat,”,she stated adding that it will be wrong and unwise for women leaders who will advise the  electorates otherwise.

Rachel wondered why political women class would wish to campaign against Teresia Bitutu noting that it will be disrespectful and indeed shameful for women to come supporting men in this by -election.

According to Otundo who will contest for Kisii Gubernatorial seat,. the widow understands which projects and programs her late husband Hon Oloo Oyioka had finished and the ones that needed immediate attention and therefore anybody purporting to have a knowhow is lying to electorates.

Teresia Bitutu is riding on a UDA ticket associated with the deputy president William Ruto and that she settled on the party after frustrations, lies to be given a free ODM ticket.

Others in the race are Bavel Oimeke of ODM,Zebedeo Opore of jubilee,David Ogega and  who both after being frustrated by ODM they decided to take a low pace in even stating the party they will run on.