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Residents want services not cheap politics county told after sacking Gwasco MD.

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Former Gwasco Managing director Nanga at his office ,he was sacked recently .

By Gilbert Kobi

Kisii county has been accused of malice in sacking of Osborn Nanga (MD GWASCO) maliciously,.
speaking at his office  at Kiogoro Elijah Ogoti the community leader told journalists that its on the basis of a grant of over ksh95m to gwasco that Nanga has been sacrificed.
According to Ogoti gwasco has a bill of kenya power and thus effecting the availability.
“when minister amos Andama announced the sacking of Nanga he noted that water will be there which he lied”
He further announced that water will be available after nanga’s removal but till now its just a miracle in waiting.
He added that kisii county governor has decided to instead bring his nephew from nyamira county to head the gwasco Kisii.
“Gwasco has 90% of their employees from nyamira county while others are from other areas other than bobaracho,kiogoro,kegati,nyanchwa and gesonso”,he posed adding that residents want services not cheap politics.

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