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3 women among the 13 cleared in Bonchari .

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Keraa Mary Sally of United Green Movement being given Certificate to vie for Bonchari Parliamentary seat slated on 18 May 2021[photo Brighton Makori/Gusii star]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii Kenya 30 march 2020…………..Five more candidates have been cleared by the independent Electoral    Boundaries Commission [IEBC] to run for the Bonchari  by election totalling to 13 candidates.

 In the morning Keraa Mary sally   of United Green Movement was cleared followed by Former legislator Zebedeo Opore of Jubilee party.

 Addressing the Press Opore said, he is looking forward for peaceful election hoping that people will come out in large numbers in the material day to vote adding that if elected he  is not new in parliament hence  much knowing where to start from.

 “Am not new in parliament, I know where I can start from once elected and utilize the government resources which will be used to develop the constituency,” stated Opore.

Zebedeo Opore of Jubilee party being given Certificate,[Photo Brighton Makori]

 In her part Keraa Mary Sally   appreciated IEBC commissioner for clearing her for being among the many candidates who are vying for the seat.

 She added that the Bonchari seat which goes for nine months to general election deserves to be taken by a woman.

Keraa Mary Sally of United Green Movement [Photo Brighton Makori]

“First of all I want to thank my God that I have been cleared by IEBC and am now a candidate among many who are vying for the same seat, I hope the people of  Bonchari will turn out in large numbers to vote for me because this time is for women” Said sally adding that even woman carries pregnancies for nine months and therefore the seat goes for nine months to be completed which deserves to be taken by a women.

Maendeleo Chap chap Candidate Margret Gesare Nyabuto   said that after being cleared it marks the beginning of the history and legacy of a woman candidate who is going for elective position.

Maendeleo Chap chap Candidate Margret Gesare Nyabuto

 She urged for peaceful election, calm and be well composed because this the time for the people of Bonchari to decide knowing that they are going to make history for electing a woman who can be able to identify their  needs  and put them in  proper platform of Development .

 “I want to state that my manifesto is clear, I want to put everyone on a roadmap for the first time that things am going to do in Bonchari are recorded for Woman legacy, I want to build the first time a library in Bonchari  Suneka  where all our learners will access free Learning materials, Am an academician I Believe in Academic  Excellence,”  she said

 Eric Oigo Nyakeya  of National Reconstruction Alliance   he said that his interest in the by election is to be elected and represent the interests of Bonchari People since he has the experience of being CDF  Chairman for 5 years hence understands   the needs .

Eric Oigo Nyakeya of National Reconstruction Alliance.

“I feel that I have experience and fit to run the constituency, I appeal to the electorates to elect visionary leaders who can transform their lifes”, Oigo said

  David Ogega of Kenya social Congress was also cleared by IEBC.

On Monday 8 other candidates were cleared totaling to 13 contestants.