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Why Jonah can be the best choice in Bonchari .

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Jonah Onkendi Ondieki of The new Democrats [TND] [Photo Brighton Makori/Gusii star]


 By Brighton Makori.

Kisii  April 2  2021…………The brilliant young and focused leader was born 35 years ago of a humble family at Bomokora Sublocation, Iyabe location, Kisii south [Bonchari].

The young Jonah Onkendi  Ondieki   joined the rural Kerina primary school from where he successfully did his KCPE and proceeded to secondary school education at Suneka Secondary school.

 After secondary level he joined University of Nairobi where he did Bachelor of Education [arts] after that he did Diploma in Broadcast journalism but did not graduate as he joined department of state- Bureau of Education and cultural Exchange, Institute of International Education and BGSU with Fulbright [FLTA] scholar, later he joined Bowling Green State University [BGSU] where he did Master in Public policy and Administration.

  Mr Jonah  Ondieki  after attaining his University education he has served in Many areas  including  being Director of Operations / OJ – LanguageHub LCC [Owner] he managed 98 translation /localization projects on Covid 19  for over 20 languages from local governments and nonprofit organizations. He has also been able to be a program /research Manager of Think project |USAID through NYU $ WERK |. As well as being Media outreach and evaluation specialist ZIDISHA, sterling Virginia among other activities.

 In Bonchari constituency Ondieki  has participated in the development at different levels. The participation includes using his personal funds to Supply Books and other Stationeries to schools as well as supply Furniture /desks to some schools, community healthy facilities and water projects. The scholar has been able to support several groups with seed capital to start poultry projects and he has been giving out Dictionaries/ Kamusi to poor students joining form I and also Sponsor Bonchari University Students Association [BUSA] in various Activities in the society.

 In 2020 he was able to supply 2,500 venerable families [Covid lockdown] with foodstuffs and households items across Bonchari.

Other activities in the  Constituency and  at the  county at large where the hand of  Ondieki  has featured  is  holding  an annual  football tournament  know as new deal cup tournament  which helps in  nurturing talents and giving them uniforms and Balls .

Ondieki  is known to be a darling of the youth and women groups  where he has  engaged them in sports to enable them explore their ‘latent’ talents and enhance unity in the constituency where most constituents are sharply divided by clan politics.

  The Public Policy expert is admired by many on the acquisition of important leadership skills following his services as a team leader and member of different organization with the country and other nations through his rich of experience witnessed in the organizations he has worked.

Ondieki  believes that he has earned a lot of supervisory and managerial skills for development and research and project program and therefore, since he has previously managed funds huge elite  staff, he can serve the constituency best.

Now that Ondieki  has taken the mantle of leadership in Bonchari constituency says that he has been the right person the electorate has been waiting for because he has been entrusted with various public matters/Private and thinks he can succeed graduating into handling more intricate ones at his new challenging position as the MP elect.

“Whoever is trusted with small and delicate matters can be trusted with huge ones’ he says. Trust me   more and I will serve you with most’ He concludes to the electorate.

In his brief speech to the electorate early this week when he was cleared by Constituency returning officer Benson Ambua, he said that he has all it deserves to be given the opportunity to serve   Boncharians for the   few months to the general elections where he can be reelected.

“ We only have a few months left to the next General elections, I will not promise much now , but I will ensure proper use of resources if elected to serve for the remaining short period” Noted Ondieki  

He concluded by appealing to all residents young and old   to embrace hope hardworking determination, inclusivity and God fearing in all their endeavors to develop the constituency adding that unity is strength.

Ondieki  of  The new Democrats [TND] will battle  with  12 More candidates who have shown interest for the seat, the By- election is slated on 18 May 2021.