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ODM supporters network vows to rally behind Zebedeo Opore.

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Bonchari ODM supporters network addressing the media on Sunday at suneka,

ODM Bonchari supporters network , they have vowed to rally behind Jubillee candidate Zebedeo Opore .

By Leighton osinde

Kisii Kenya 04 April 2021………ODM Party Bonchari Constituency Supporters Network members have vowed to rally behind the Jubilee Party candidate Zebedeo Opore in the by -election slated in May 18 this year following the frustrations done by the party during Nominations .

Addressing the press on Sunday at Suneka the representatives of the members led by their Chairman Ian Simba ,noted that the ODM Party breached nomination rules by handing out the party ticket for the by election to former Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority CEO Pavel Oimeke when they had other able , noble and competent choices like Mr john bill Momanyi and Geoffrey Mogire.

According to them Oimeke was not active in party programs six months prior to seeking nomination for the by election occasioned by the death of former area MP John Oyioka and that he joined the party two weeks before he was handed a direct ticket by the top party leadership.

 Simba added that it was that Oimeke had abused state office and contravened Chapter six of the constitution of Kenya since he has an active case in a court of law and that it was a great mistake for the party to overlook that.

” We total disagree with the ODM party’s Choice for Bonchari By election because there was no fair nominations ,now we have decided as ODM Party members in Bonchari Constituency to support the Jubilee candidate Zebedeo Opore in the coming by election in the spirit of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and our Party Leader Raila Odinga,” said Simba.

Nelson Ombui also a member said that they will be moving around the constituency to campaign and support the Jubilee candidate and promote the handshake.

Naomi Bosibori supported chairman’s sentiments that the ODM Party contravened its own constitution that required a constituency election panel comprised of five people to be supervised by the National Election Board to oversee the conduct of the nomination which was not done hence leaving out strong candidates .

She said that the ODM Party members had no confidence in Oimeke and would be traversing the entire constituency to support Opore whom they said they were confident will be elected as the area MP since he had the necessary experience having served as MP for three terms.

They added that ODM Party does not have a single elected Member of Parliament in Kisii County after the party leadership bungled nominations in 2017 with popular candidates moving to other parties, the same mistake has been repeated in the Bonchari by election

Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairlady in Bonchari Constituency Divinah Nyamao, who received the Network members to Jubilee Party said that Opore who has served as the area MP for three terms had done a lot for the constituency and was ready to serve them for the next one year.

Nyamao called on the people of Bonchari to evaluate all the 13 candidates who are positioning themselves to take over from the late area MP John Oyioka who died in February saying that Opore’s track record is clear for all to see.

at the same time they urged all politicians and candidates and residents to observe the set Covid 19 rules as as to combat the third wave of COvid 19 pandemic .